List of Recommended Doctors

I often get texts or frantic calls from family, friends and patients asking for a doctor whom I can recommend for a particular specialty. I guess it gives one a sense of relief or a feeling of trust going into a hospital or any establishment, for that matter, knowing that you have a person to look for and will take care of you. It’s the ultimate Filipino-style… “Sinong hahanapin ko?” or “May kilala ka ba dun?”

Well, here’s my short list of specialists whom I know to be reliable, competent and, hopefully, will not charge you “an arm and a leg” for a consultation.

NOTE: There are plenty of skilled and experienced doctors out there. This list in NO way says that these are the ONLY competent doctors available. This list simply states that these people are my friends. And if you were my relative, these are the people I would choose to take care of you.


Lara Aleta
Rm 500 MOB, Asian Hospital, Friday 10-2pm, Tel# 771-9334
Medical Plaza Makati

CJ Gloria
Rm 610 MOB, Asian Hospital, MWF 10-4pm, Sat 9-12nn, Tel# 771-9347


Cely De Jesus
Makati Medical Center

Mao Coz
Medical City

Benny Paguiligan
VR Potenciano Medical Center

Chie Gabriel
VR Potenciano Medical Center
FEU Medical Center

Jeannie Ang-Dela Paz
Metropolitan Hospital

Imelda Hernando
Philippine General Hospital

Froilan Ocampo
UST Hospital


Jake Jison
Rm 512 MOB, Asian Hospital, TThS 9-12nn, Tel# 771-9309
Makati Medical Center

Aline Macawaris-Hojilla
Norte Dame Hospital, Baguio City
SLU Hospital, Baguio City

Toto Castro
Rm 400, MOB Asian Hospital, MF 5-7pm, Sat 1-3pm, Tel# 771-1198

Lauro Amor
Makati Medical Center

Nesty Bagsit
Philippine Heart Center


Allen Aguinaldo
Medical Plaza Ortigas

Lani Hinlo
Rm 515, MOB Asian Hospital, MWF 11-5pm, Tel# 771-9302

Jane Arzadon
Rm 110, MOB Asian Hospital, TThS 10-4pm, Tel# 771-9311

Mary Ann Luciano-Amon
Makati Medical Center

Jason Icasiano
Suite 1706 Medical Plaza Makati, TThS 3-8pm, Call 881-1969

Janet De Grano
Cabrini Hospital, Batangas
Rm 405, MOB Asian Hospital, FS 3-5pm, Tel# 771-9339

Christine Dulnuan
Baguio City


Francis Dimalanta
St. Luke’s Medical Center, QC

Alexis Reyes
Makati Medical Center


Michael Gan
Asian Hospital Room 512 Call 771-9309
Makati Medical Center

Yvette Amante
Rm 608, MOB Asian Hospital, TTh 8-11 and 2-4pm, Tel# 771-9320


Lance Liu
Medical CIty
Clinic Manila, 2nd floor SM MegaMall, Sundays 10-2pm

Ernest Manas
Rm 111, MOB Asian Hospital, Mon-Sat 10-12nn, Tel# 771-9378

Bong Arzadon
Rm 110, MOB Asian Hospital, MF 1-6pm and TThS 10-2pm, Tel# 771-9311

Apol Nepomuceno
Makati Medical Center

Monty Ramos
Paranaque Doctors’ Hospital


Jocel Novenario
Rm 512, MOB Asian Hospital, MTTh 2-5pm and WF 10-12nn, Call 771-9309

Frida Aguirre
Rm 512, MOB Asian Hospital, TTh 10-12nn, Call 771-9309
Makati Medical Center

GYNE-ONCOLOGIST (Cancer in the Female Reproductive Organs)

John David Zamora
Rm 500, MOB Asian Hospital, Mon 10-12nn and Sat 1-5pm, Call 771-9334

Emil Evangelista
VR Potenciano Medical Center

Jericho Thaddeus Luna
Philippine General Hospital Cancer Institute Call 554-8400

Glenn Benitez
Makati Medical Center

Rona Ranola
Pacific Mall South Star Bldg, Naga City Call 435-6151

Jayjay Germar
Medical City

Raymond Sulay
Cebu City


Maffie Tayson
Medical City

Popeye Abad Santos
Rm 509, MOB Asian Hospital, MWF 2-5pm, Tel# 771-9253

LONGEVITY SPECIALIST (Homeopathic & Bio-identicals Specialist)

Ruby Bermudez-Magpantay
Suite 1706 Medical Plaza Makati (Behind Makati Medical Center)
MWF 8-12nn, Sat 12-2pm Call 881-1969


Lynette Sevilla
Asian Hospital

Rita Dolendo
Makati Medical Center


Amiel Dela Cruz
Medical City


Christie Tumangan-Manas
Rm 111, MOB Asian Hospital, MWS 10-12nn and TTh 3-5pm, Tel# 771-9378

Geraldine Sibal-Poblete
DLSU Medical Center, Cavite

Alnette Tan
American Eye Center

Terry Busa-Sanchez
Busa-Sanchez Eye Clinic, Butuan City

Awet Roque
Rm 509, MOB Asian Hospital, MWF 2-6pm, Tel# 771-9253

Greg Germar
Medical City

Louie de Grano
Cabrini Hospital, Batangas
Rm 405, MOB Asian Hospital, MWFS 10-1pm, Tel# 771-9339

Sherman Valero
Medical City


Nick Nicomedes
Rm 511, MOB Asian Hospital, TTh 4-6pm and S 2-4pm, Tel# 771-9294

Bunny Valdez
Rm 419, MOB Asian Hospital, MWTh 4-6pm and S 10-12nn, Tel# 771-9218

Nerd Khu
Khu Orthopedic Clinic, Cagayan De Oro

Genie Selirio-Khu
Khu Orthopedic Clinic, Cagayan De Oro

Wilson dela Calzada
Cebu City


Vienne Saulog
Asian Hospital Rm 500 TThS Call 771-9334

Pam Caedo
Makati Medical Center

Cater Cinco
Rm 515, MOB Asian Hospital, TTHS 10-12nn and MF 2-5pm, Tel# 771-9302

Victoria Sison
VR Poteciano Medical Center
Medical City

Tonette Gomez
Lourdes Hospital

Abraham Macaranas
Malasiqui, Pangasinan
Dagupan City


Gay Marasigan
UST Hospital

Janette dela Calzada
Cebu City


Ramon Antonio S. Sarmiento
Rm 613, 2301 Civic Place (Across Asian Hospital)
Mon – Sat 3-5 pm Call 659-0550

Suite 1706 Medical Plaza Makati (Behind Makati Medical Center)
MWF 12-2 pm Call 881-1969


Jojo Ly-Uson
Medical City


Abet Nolido
St. Luke’s Medical Center


Sonia Desquitado
Asian Hospital Rm 311 Tues & Thurs 1-4 pm; Sat 9-12 nn Call 771-9346

Marinella Abat
VR Potenciano Medical Center (VRPMC) Rm 415 Mon & Fri 9-12 nn; Wed 10-11 am
Call 531-4911 loc 165

Joyce Flores-Medina
Medical City Rm 1115 Tues & Thurs 1-3pm

Marivic Tan
Cebu City

Gina Santiago
Medical City

Richie Mendiola
Capitol Medical Center


Jombi Lichauco
St. Luke’s Hospital, QC & Global

Eric Amante
Rm 608, MOB Asian Hospital, TTh 4-7pm and WFS 9-12nn, Tel# 771-9320


Ricardo Dizon
Rm 512, MOB Asian Hospital, MF 9-12nn, Call 771-9309

Rolly Cinco
Rm 515, MOB Asian Hospital, MF 10-12 and TTh 3-5pm, Tel# 771-9302
Makati Medical Center

Tony Perez
Rm 121, MOB Asian Hospital, TThF 1-3pm
Philippine General Hospital

Ramon Sison
VR Potenciano Medical Center


Hadji Desquitado
Rm 311, MOB Asian Hospital, MTh 1-5pm, Tel# 771-9346


Roland Saulog
Asian Hospital
San Juan de Dios Hospital

JV Prodigalidad
Rm 502, MOB Asian Hospital, TTh 4-6pm, Tel# 771-0884
Makati Medical Center

Nikko Magsanoc
Asian Hospital


Lisa Teresa Prodigalidad-Jabson
Makati Medical Center
Rm 1706 Medical Plaza Makati Building MWF 2-6 pm Call 881-1969


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  1. Rona says:

    Do you know of an Endocrinologist in Cagayan de oro City who has been noted and known for his/her expertise?

    • filipinamd says:

      Sorry but i have no information on endocrinologists in Cagayan De Oro. Please see the doctor’s list and post it here, I might be able to recognize a familiar name.

  2. Lara says:

    Can you recommend a gynecologist? Just someone who can do a general checkup on the female area :)

    • filipinamd says:

      Haha…of course, I would recommend myself!
      Please see my clinic schedule and numbers at the “About Me” page.