Tips to Avoid Vaginal Itch

Vaginal itchiness is the most common reason why female patients visit their gynecologists at any given time.

All females may have 1-2 incidences of vaginitis or inflammation of the vagina per year. Not all of these are due to sexually transmitted infections. In fact, majority of vaginal itchiness may be due to simple reasons like poor diet and wrong vaginal pH.

Let me begin by saying that the vagina has a normal pH of 3.8-4.2. If you remember your chemistry, that means the vagina is acidic. It is best when it is acidic, because the acid is able to protect the vagina from harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi which will multiply in a basic or alkaline medium. Our grandmothers were right in telling us to wash with suka in order to prevent infection.

Ordinary activities  and situations can change this pH and lead to infection.

Some women experience spotting or bleeding for a prolonged period of time. This can lead to foul-smelling discharge and itchiness. Blood has a pH of 7.3-7.4. Therefore prolonged bleeding can alter the normal pH acid to basic. This wrong pH will allow harmful organisms to multiply.

Even too much sex is bad! Semen or the fluid that comes from the male partner has a pH of 7.2-8.0. Too frequent sexual activity can alter vaginal pH. Thus, it is highly recommended to wash after sex to prevent inflammation and urinary tract infection which is sometimes called “Honeymoon Cystitis”.

Being too clean can be bad for you! Soap has a pH of 9-10. Therefore washing the vagina with soap removes the protective acid and exposes the vagina to infection. In fact, the more you wash with soap, the more you will be prone to odors and discharges.

The best vaginal wash is WATER! The vagina is a self-cleansing organ. It produces its own acid from the vaginal cells that are degraded and converted to lactic acid by the lactobacilli.

It is for this same reason that too much carbohydrates like rice, pasta, bread and sweets in the diet also promotes poor vaginal health because sugar is the food of fungal organisms which will multiply faster with more carbo intake leading to yeast infections.

Watch what you eat and practice proper personal hygiene. Not all cases of vaginal itchiness are causes for argument. Investigate. Be informed.

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