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Hi doctora,

i guess this is not primarily my concern but i know  a handful of women who had their hysterectomy early in life ( in their thirties) due to some medical conditions and would like to be informed and perhaps correct some false notions they have about this conditions.  i hope you would post something about women who had their hyterectomy in general or maybe what are the things they should be doing. Relatives and friends of mine would benefit reading a  short guide on life after hyterectomy. Knowing how often do they neeed to see their doc,. & the common problems they may face and what are the proper supllements their body would now require.

i am beginning to enjoy this website and would like to share it with my friends and family. Thanks and God bless Dra.



Dear JJ,

Thank you for sharing my website with your friends and family. My primary goal is to help as many women as I can.

As for your request, May I direct you to my very first blog…”Facts About Menopause”

The information stated there is not only for natural menopause but for young women who have undergone surgical menopause through a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingooophorectomy or a THBSO.

Please note that I said THBSO. If the surgery involves only a TH or total hysterectomy, then the patient still has 2 functioning ovaries.

The ovaries are responsible for secreting the hormone estrogen which is the feminine hormone. It’s what makes a woman look like a woman. It is the reason for the smooth skin and thick hair, straight posture and strong bones, vaginal wetness and libido.

Removal of the uterus alone will not cause menopause. Yes, you will stop menstruating but your ovaries will continue to do their job of keeping you looking and feeling young.

For surgeries requiring removal of the uterus like in cases of myoma, uterine or postpartum atony, and other benign/non-cancerous conditions, the current recommendation is to leave the ovaries behind.

The woman will still need the function of her ovaries till she is 50 years old. Early removal of the ovaries will predispose the patient to osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.

So, Ladies, if you have undergone surgery, find out if you still have your ovaries. Maybe you don’t need to eat all that tofu after all.

Doc D

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