Biking and Male Fertility

Dear Doc D,

I have this doubt for so long…is it mountain biking cause of baog? …
We’ve been together for so long  7yrs to be exact…my Boyfriend is very obsessed in mountain Biking..he always said that biking is the only way to ease his stressful day…i don’t know what he was thinking…there was a chapter of his life that he used bike for transportation(from Marikina to Makati) (he did it for 1 year) ( back & forth)..until now his still commited in biking…is it biking is one of the factor that being a baog?

Worried Gurl


Hi Worried Gurl,

I’m beginning to believe your pen name…worried gurl.

Infertility is defined as not achieving a pregnancy despite regular, unprotected sexual activity for 1 year. Regular sexual activity is further specified as having contact 3x a week. So if you’ve tried and tried for 7 years. Maybe you do have a problem.

Infertility or paka-baog may be due to several factors. 1/3 of cases is due to female factors. Another third of cases is due to the male. And the final third is, unfortunately, due to unknown causes.

I’m sorry to say, but YES, biking is included in the list of POSSIBLE causes of male infertility. The connection between biking and infertility is related to body heat.


Haven’t you ever wondered why the male organ was created in such as way that it is outside the body? It has something to do with temperature. The testicles or the “balls” where the sperm is produced is very sensitive to high temperatures such as our very own body heat. Continuous exposure to high temp can affect sperm count.

Examples of these activities are: frequent use of hot baths, staying in the sauna, wearing tight briefs (that’s why boxers are now IN) and biking for more than 30 minutes, even using the laptop on the lap, obviously, may harm the sperm.

Another explanation why biking may affect his ability to have children is damage to blood vessels. Bikers who take a ride for more than 3 hours per week may suffer from erectile dysfunction or the inability to have an erection. I don’t have to explain why this is necessary to achieve a pregnancy.

But don’t rush out now and sell his bike! Not yet. There are some ways in which he can still enjoy biking and not worry about your future plans for a family.

First is to get a better bike seat. Buy him one as a gift! Choose one that is not too hard and not too narrow. A wider seat will allow the biker to sit back on his “sit-bones” to relieve the pressure on the front part of perineum. This gives room for better blood circulation and air circulation, as well.

Next, limit biking time to 3 hours a week only. The recommended weekly allowance for exercise is only 30 minutes every other day. So this should be just perfect to still keep him in shape.

There are several other reasons for male infertility like a varicoele, smoking, stress, exposure to chemicals, drugs and other medications. I suggest that you bring him to a Urologist for a complete evaluation. Please see my “List Of Recommended Doctors” for their clinic schedules.

Biking is a wonderful form of exercise and even bonding for the two of you. Maybe, you should also learn how to bike. With the proper seat and time limit, it might improve your chances of having a baby. After all, my husband is a biker and we have 3 wonderful children!

Good luck! Keep trying!


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  1. biloggirl says:

    I am starting to worry :(

    • filipinamd says:


      No worries.
      As long as everything is done in moderation and with the correct equipment then you can keep biking.

      Doc D