Bleeding After Giving Birth

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Ako nga po pala si M.G.
Kapapanganak ko palang po, barely 3 mos. nung mag 2mos po ako. when i am discharging all the toxins in my body.  may kasama po na blood. though nde naman po palage pero lately 2 days po may kasamang blood. nde pa po ako nakakapag pacheckup. what should i po kaya? thanks po!


Dear M.G.

After giving birth, patients may still have some on-and-off spotting up to 6 weeks.

This may start out as bleeding like menstruation with occasional blood clots. Kung minsan parang maliliit na piraso ng atay. You may even notice that there is increased flow during breast feeding. This is the body’s way of pushing out all the blood /blood clots/”toxins” that are still trapped inside the uterus. That’s why it is really better to breast feed.

Don’t be alarmed if you have been dry for 1-2 days then all of a sudden you have spotting again. As long as, the bleeding is within the acceptable < 3 pads/day, no foul smelling odor, no pain in the puson and no fever. Then, this is normal.

Prolonged bleeding may be a source of bacterial infection. You will need a stronger feminine wash that has antibacterial properties. Be sure to wash the vagina with an antiseptic like GynePro Feminine Wash (Php 60.75) to prevent odors, itchiness and infection of the vaginal wound.

On the other hand, profuse bleeding, meaning >3-5 pads/diapers/day after giving birth may be a sign of a complication called postpartum atony. This occurs when the uterus cannot contract anymore and all the blood vessels remain open. This is an emergency situation. The mother can lose so much blood that she might need an operation called a hysterectomy just to stop the bleeding.

M.G, if you have not been breast feeding, the bleeding you have now might even be your menstruation already. Please see your doctor for advice because pretty soon you also might start ovulating…and you know what that means.

Doc D



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  1. hannah says:


    • filipinamd says:

      Dear H.

      It is very early to say of you are pregnant. If Feb 28 was the first and only time that you had sex, then you have to wait 4-6 weeks before you can get a positive pregnancy test result. The bleeding on March 8 might just be “pahabol” of your menses from march 2-4.

      Doc D

  2. i’ve been breastfeeding until now

    • filipinamd says:

      Usually bleeding due to childbirth stops at 6 weeks after delivery. This could be irregular menstruation affected by breastfeeding. It is best to do a pregnancy test to be sure you are not pregnant. If negative, then its okay to have spotting. Please see a doctor is bleeding increases or is associated with pain.

  3. Ann says:

    Hi, Doc ngpainjectable po aq ng contraceptive last april 16, but ngbbleed aq nung ngpainject aq i taught menstruation xa but sad dpo kc nstop ang bleeding q kya na d&c d&c ako last may 2 due to retained placenta after giving birth to my son. and until now me spotting parin ako sometimes nmn wla. pero lately pag nglalakad ako ng mahaba me blood s undies q pero hindi nmn xya ganun kalakas.diko po madetermined kung mens xa, kc im conscious lang po bakit me spotting parin,after a month ng d & C and sometimes naexperienced q rin ung lower back pain. is it cause ng injectabble or there is someting wrong with me?

    another concern q doc natahian po aq hnggang perineum,wen giving birth oldo heal na ung tahi still ung wounds na kacng laki ng pimple dun sa skin tissue ng pinagtahian dpa rin nttuyo, sbrang nhhirapan po aq minsan kc ang hirap gumalaw, sometimes dun s wound na un me lumalabas n clear liquid. ndi q napo alam ang ggwin kc ang dami q npong natake na antibiotics but it keep on reoccurring. me alternate po ba pra matuyo ung wounds na un. im quite devastated napo. pls help me. thanks a lot

    • filipinamd says:

      Kung naka-injectable ka, dapat wala kang regla or spotting.
      Please so an ultrasound again because baka may natira pa rin na placenta.

      Tungkol sa pimple and discharge sa tahi ng perineum mo, mukhang allergic reaction ito sa suture or infection. Delikado yan dahil kung hindi gumaling, maaaring humanap ng butas yan papunta sa dumihan mo or rectum. Kailangan ipa-examine mo kaagad sa OB.

  4. Ann says:

    Hope u can advised me wat to do, kc sbrang truma napo ung ngyari sken, from giving birth, taz naraspa paq and now dparin ngstop ung spoting q oldo patak patak lang nmn it becoz of injectable kc for 3 months dw ung effective nun bgo mgpainject ulit pero mukang dnapo aq uulit kc prang d hiyang sken i was advised kc na walang monthly period and ngppainjectable pero bkit me spotting parin?, but the most pinuproblema q is ung wound q nahihiya npo aqng mgpabalik balik sa ob q. ang liit npo nung wound na un pimple size lng xa pero reddish, sbrang sakit minsan pg ngsswell xa proper hygine nmn po aq i wash using gyne pro 2 or 3 tyms a day pero dparin xa nghheal.? could u also recomend vitamins that would help heals faster ung wound nato and suggest me wat proper diet should i take. thanks so much in advance

  5. Ann says:

    by the way i give birth nga po pla last march 4, 2012 but still ganito padin situation q ndi parin normal.