False Negative Pregnancy Test: Is that possible?

Hi Dra, any good chance po ba na preggy kahit 3x Negative on PT but 1wk delayed na sa period? ano po kayang posibleng reason bakit nag-nenegative on PT (if preggy nga po) pero ano naman po kayang reason ng 1week missed period na (kung hindi naman po preggy?)
Pasensya na Dra, its driving me crazy as I really longing to have kids na. 
Thanks and God bless


Dear L.

Baka naman 3x mo nga ginawa ang pregnancy test pero 5 minutes apart naman. Eh talagang pare-pareho nga ang magiging resulta niyan. Please read on and maybe I can enlighten you.


A pregnancy test measures the presence of the pregnancy hormone: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG in the urine. Normal non-pregnant women have an HCG level of 0-5 mIU. Some pregnancy tests turn positive at a level of 25 mIU, but the newer brands boast of a positive result as low as 15 mIU. Most pregnancy tests are 97% accurate.

There are many reasons why you can get a “false negative” result in a pregnancy test.

1. The most common reason is: the test was done too early. Being delayed for 1-2 days, even 1 week, is sometimes too early to do a test.

Take note of the FIRST day of your LAST menstrual period (LMP). This is always called DAY 1 (Remember this day. Your OB will keep asking your for this date during every check up. The person doing your ultrasound will again keep asking you for this date every time you have an ultrasound. And on the day of labor, at the height of all the pain and agony, the nurse at the ER will again ask for this date.)

A urine test will turn positive on day 42 which is 6 weeks after your LMP which is also 14 days after your missed period. That’s the same date but measured in three different ways. I hope you got that.

My dear L, you have been delayed for only 1 week. I suggest that you wait awhile and repeat the test again next week.

2. The next reason for a false negative is a very diluted urine. Try doing the test using the first urine for the day. This is a very concentrated sample so the chance for a false negative is lower.

3. Maybe a defective or expired pregnancy test can also be a reason for a false negative result. I suggest that you buy a different brand and check the expiration date.

4. Finally, it is very sad for me to say this, but you might not be pregnant after all.

A delayed period can sometimes mean hormonal imbalance or sometimes a more serious condition called Pseudocyesis.

Pseudocyesis is brought about by the intense desire to get pregnant that the brain starts to trick the body by secreting hormones simulating pregnancy.

The patient will present with everything from the missed period, enlarging abdomen, swollen breasts, sometimes even milk production, nausea, vomiting and weight gain. The only thing missing is the fetus. It is not a common event but is has happened to some women, even men.

Pseudocyesis is treated with hormones to make the menstrual cycle go back to normal and for the other symptoms to disappear.

I’m sure L, you will get pregnant too…when the time is right.

Keep trying, my dear.

Doc D



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