Back Pain after Giving Birth

Hi doc,

I just gave birth 5 months ago via CS. I noticed that my bones especially sa spine and knees are getting weak and painful everyday.I was diagnosed with osteopenia before way back 2008 but never got treated.I had no time to consult regarding my osteopenia. Is this weakening of the bones due to my osteopenia or is it a long term effect of giving birth especially because I had a CS? May I know what type of doctor should I visit regarding this? thank you Doc D.


Dear A.

Since I am not really a bone specialist…I have forwarded your question to the best of the best…my husband!

He is a Physiatrist (pls. take note of the correct spelling) or Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist. They take charge of all kinds of joint, muscle or bone pain from sports injuries, arthritis, stroke, accidents or trauma and old age. They’re the people you see BEFORE you agree to any surgery. Baka pwedeng daanin sa gamot and physical therapy muna.

Here is his 2-cents worth:

Doc D,
First, we have to know the age of the patient. Since she just gave birth, she’s not menopausal so I don’t think the osteopenia is causing the weakness and pain on the back and knees. Second, since when did she have the back pains? Since 2008? During pregnancy or after giving birth?  The “weakness” that she feels could be from the pain and the pain could be from an inflammatory process. (Rheumatoid Arthritis could be triggered by pregnancy). The pain could also be from the additional activities associated with motherhood ie. prolonged standing and swaying while carrying the baby.  Please refer her to your friendly neighborhood physiatrist or rehabilitation medicine specialist. She would definitely benefit from physical therapy to relieve the pains and weakness. I will not recommend oral pain relievers since she might still be breastfeeding.  God Bless you and more power.
Doc R
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