J.N. a 48 year old with myoma wants to be a mommy again

Good day po doc,am a mother of three ,and already  48yrs.old ,my youngest daughter is 15 yrs.old! my live in partner wants to have a baby ,regular pa naman ang menstruation ko,my problem is ,five yrs pa may myoma ako,and anemic din po
ako,i regularly takes medicine ,yun po supplements lang w/iron and my doctor sez,kusa naman nawawal or liliit myoma!my last check up po was last year of
dec.am still taking medicines (iron supplement)and umimpis nga daw un size!help please!ano po ba yun ibang option?gusto po namin magka baby,thank you po and God bless



Dear J.N.,

I don’t think you need a doctor. I think you need a miracle. (Just kidding…I hope it made you smile.) Let’s tackle your issues one by one.

1. You are 48 years old. The average age of menopause is 50. The range for menstruation to stop and for the ovaries to dry up is between 48-52 years old. I’m not saying it can’t happen but menopause babies are very rare. The best thing to do is a vaginal ultrasound on Day 14 of your cycle to check if you still have follicles. If you still have some follicles left, you may start Clomiphene citrate 50 mg per day on day 2-6 of your next cycle. Have contact from day 7, every other day, elevate your legs for 30-60 mins after sex, and take folic acid 5mg daily. The risk of you having a baby with a congenital deformity or Down’s Syndrome gets higher as you get older. Please limit intake of Clomiphene to only 3 cycles. It can cause Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome which is very painful.

2. Myoma. These are tumors which are benign meaning not cancerous. They shrink on their own especially when one is nearing menopause. Reasons to operate would be profuse bleeding such as more than 5 pads per day and more than 7 days per month. Surgery is also suggested if the myoma is more than 5 cms and it could be pressing on then bowel and/or bladder causing constipation and/or urinary symptoms. Finally, if the patient has never had children and the myoma is growing near the entrance of fallopian tubes, the doctor might consider removing the myoma to increase her chances of getting pregnant. It is best to repeat ultrasound every 6 months to monitor the behavior of a myoma. Check with your doctor if removing your myoma will help make you pregnant. But first find out if you are still ovulating.

3. Anemia. More than half of all Filipinas are anemic so don’t be alarmed. Just take Hemarate once a day for 3 months. Repeat your hemoglobin. If it is above 120 gm/dl, you may stop treatment.

Finally, babies are a blessing from above. No matter how big or small your myoma is, no matter if you only have one egg or one million eggs, if He will make you a mommy again He will because He knows you deserve it. But if He doesn’t, it means He might be saving you from a difficult and life-threatening high risk pregnancy at 48.

Doc D.

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  1. Jonah says:

    Hi Doc, Just wanna ask kung anu ba ang nararapat gawin kasi yung anak ku na 2 years old is nagtatae 3x na today at nagsuka once rin today.. ano po ba ang dapat ipainom ilang ML at anu po ang dapat ipakain at hindi dapat?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • filipinamd says:

      Make sure na hindi siya manghihina dahil sa voniting and diarrhea. Pilitin siyang uminom ng Pedialyte or Gatorade tuwing siya ay susuka or dudumi. Pakainin din ng saging or apple 3 x a day. Kung may lagnat or parang lupaypay na siya or kung pati Hydrite ay sinusuka niya, dalhin mo na sa ospital para malagyan ng swero. Delikado dahil 2 yaers old lang siya. Ang dali niyang ma-dehydrate dahil baby pa yan.