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Q: hello po doc pwede ko po b malaman bkit po panay tunog ng organ ko sa tiyan left and ryt lalo na po pag gutom ako…acid po b un or bato..minsan sa sa my dibdib ko d na ao maka hinga po parang my bara po… yon lang po doc..salamat po

A: Mukhang may ulcer ka or gastritis. Unang una, iwasan mo ang mga acidic food and drinks like coffee, tea and soda. Avoid acidic fruits and all dairy products like milk and ice cream. Kumain ka every 2 hours kahit crackers lang. Kung masakit pa rin kahit sinunod mo na itong mga advice ko, then mag medication ka na gaya ng Pantoloc 20mg once day for 2 weeks. Good luck!


Q: hello po dr.ask ko lng po bkit di kme mag ka baby ulit ng asawa ko mag 5years n po panganay ko at gustong guto n po namin magka baby ulit,anu po ba dapat nmin gawin?nagpa check up na po ako s obegyne sbi ok naman dw po ovary ko.hope na matulungan nyo po ako.
A: Maraming reason bakit hindi kayo makabuo ulit. Pwedeng ikaw or pwedeng si mister ang may problema. Minsan kahit nagka-baby na kayo noon, may mga nagbabago sa katawan ng mag asawa kaya hirap silang magbuntis ulit. For your husband, let him do a sperm count after 2 days of abstaining. Ikaw naman magpa ultrasound-guided hysterosalpingogram ka para makita kung walang barado sa tubes mo.
Good luck!
Q: Dear Doc. Im 25 years old 2 years married 2 times na po akong nabuntis but lahat sila ai nawala ang heartbeat sa aking sinapupunan. The last is happen 1 year ago. We really want a baby . Okay na po ba akong mgbuntis? Ano po talaga ang dapat gawin? Takot na po akong pumunta sa doctor

A: I am so sad for you. But the best time to start a family is NOW. As you get older lalo kang mahihirapan. I suspect that what you have is APAS or antiphospholipid antibody syndrome…meaning, everytime you are pregnant, “allergic” ka sa baby mo so you are creating antibodies to expel your baby. May treatment dyan pero medyo mahal, the doctor has to inject immunoglobuin on you so that you will not react to your baby. I suggest that you see an Immunologist for a complete work up. See my “List of Recommended Doctors” on my website for an immunologist near you. Good luck!

Q: Doc good day.ask me about s dalaga ko.during monthly period nya sumasakit ung gilid nya n nsa right taas ng puson ntin.dnala ko n xa sa ob gyne,ang findings my uti xa.every month tlaga nag sa suffer xa s skit.anu po b ang magandang gwin po.maraming salamat

A: Marami pong reasons bakit masakit ang pagreregla. Pwedeng UTI nga, or dysmenorrhea, or ovarian cyst, or endometriosis.

Ilang taon na siya? ilang taon unang nagregla? malakas ba siya magregla? nawawala ba ang pain sa maginom ng pain killers? may ultrasound na ba siya? Maybe you can visit an OB again and this time dapat ma ultrasound na siya. Hope this helps.
Q: hi! I was your patient at asian hospital. I had my checkup 4 months ago  for PCOS and was advised not to take pills for 3 months. i wrote to you because i experience abdominal pain on the first day of menstruation. Im currently in australia now. id like to know if taking other brand of pills is ok for me??? is mini pills ok to use? thanks!
A: The best pills for PCOS is Diane because it has cyproterone acetate to treat the cysts in your ovary. The pain might be due dysmenorrhea only but to be sure I suggest you do an ultrasound every 6 months.
Q: I’m 5weeks pregnant it is safe to use milk salt scrub on my body during pregnancy?
A: So sorry but I am not familiar with milk salt scrub. But I guess it would be safe since you are not drinking it. Topical lotions are safe if they do not contain the chemical retin-A or tretinoin.
Q: Hi doc, ako po si lucky G ask ko lang po kung safe po ba ako magpills 19yrs old ako and then may baby na din po which is 7months. I am very scared na masundan. Pero takot din ako sa nababasa sa net about having cancer after taking pills for a long time. Advisable na po ba na magtake ako? Thanks and Godbless!
A: Yes, it is safe to take the pill even if you are only 19 years old. My youngest patient to be on the pill is 14 because she has irregular and strong bleeding. There are many brands to choose from. Take the one with the lowest dose of estrogen so you have no fear of side effects like cancer and blood clots. I suggest Yaz pills. Its the lowest dose now.
Q: hi doc, i have a daughter who is now 21 yrs old. she had her mens when she was 15 up to when she was 18 only. up to now di na siya nagme-mens.why po kaya?
my concern po naman eh everytime na magme-mens ko  im experiencing itchiness. i am 46 yrs. old po.
thank you doc

A: For your daughter, 3 years na siyang walang mens? She needs to do a pelvic ultrasound and some blood tests to check for hormonal imbalance or thyroid disease or polycystic ovary disease etc.

Kayo naman, itchiness during menstruation is normal. Just change napkins frequently and wash with betadine feminine wash 3-5x a day during the days with menses. Hope this helps.
Q: Great Day! Thank you for answering my first question.  Hindi po siguro na-send my reply to your email.
Ano naman po Saline Infusion Test? How does it work? yan po kase dati suggest ng Sonologist who regularly did my first few ultra sound. But my Doctor did not do it. Pero ok na po ako today after my minor D&C. But until now hindi ko naman naintindihan ano yan test na yan. Thank you
A: Saline infusion means the doctor injects fluid into your uterus through the vagina while doing an ultrasound. This is to better visualize the location and size of polyps. Not a major procedure pero medyo masakit lang. It is generally tolerable parang dysmenorrhea ang feeling.
Q: Could please tell me the causes of eczema and medication for it tnx god bless
A: Eczema is usually due to an allergic reaction. The skin begins to swell followed by redness and weeping discharge. You may apply a mild steroid cream like Elica 1% 3x a day for 2 weeks and take Zyrtec 5 mg tablet once a day for 2 weeks. But the eczema will keep coming back if you are exposed to the same allergen. Visit an Allergologist to find out what you are allergic to. See my List Of Recommended Doctors on my website.
Q: Hi Doc! I was diagnosed to have PCOS and have been taking Metformin for around 3 years now. I have managed to regularize my period (around 30-32 day cylce). Does this mean I also ovulate every month? You see, I’m trying to get pregnant so I do hope I ovulate regularly. I will be visiting you on Monday for the first time. You were referred to me by your husband (who is treating me for a torn ankle). Hope you’ll be patient with my questions (since I have more than what I posted above). :)

A: Please visit my website filipinamd.com

I have 2 articles that I hope will help you understand PCOS more.
Q: hi doc!ask q lng po paano po ba gagamutin ang stiffed neck? its been my problem for months now..the pain may relieve for a day or two but it wil get stiffed again..pls help me.
A: If the stiff neck keeps coming back, it means you are doing something everyday that is making your neck muscles harden. Please visit a Rehab Medicine doctor (like my husband, Dr. Ramon Antonio Sarmiento). He will let you undergo anti-stress therapy massage, tapos pag nag soften na ang neck muscles mo, ipapa-physical therapy ka niya ng mga 3-6 sessions, then the PT team will review your daily activities and teach you how to do things para hindi na bumalik ang stiff neck mo. Please see “List of Recommended Doctors” in my website to get Doc Ranny’s schedule.
Q: Hi doc, ask ko lng po saan po ba makkuna ang UTI sa mga kinakain po ba o sa mga bagay bagay that lead to infection? thank you po..

A: UTI can be caused by:

1. Dehydration – kulang sa inom ng tubig, take 2-3 liters water per day
2. Hygiene – baka hindi ka nakakapaghugas ng tubig sa office? make sure you wash and dry the vagina everytime you pee or poop
3. Not washing and peeing after sex – during sex, some sperm may enter into the urethra or the daanan ng ihi. After contact, make sure that you pee so that the sperm that accidentally entered the urinary bladder will be expelled out. And wash with betadine after sex.
4. Not changing napkins often during menstruation – try to change 3 or  more times a day when you have your period and wash with betadine 3-4 x a day also during menses.
Q: hi doc, i just w clinic, anna ask the best measure i can do to wash away these pimples of mine…i’m applying for a position in a derma clinic, and indeed, a smooth and clear skin is a plus point.Hope to hear from you soon.. Thanks much po. Godbless..:)

A: Read my article about “Acne, Zits, Pimples” on my website: filipinamd.com

It give you full explanation and treatment for pimples.
Q: Hi Doc, Im currenlt working as a Nurse here in UAE and since i started to work as nurse way back 2007, im frequently experiencing amenorrhea and if my period started it lasted up to 19 days awith lower abdoimal pain radiating to the back. I did a Ob consultation here in UAE, TVS was done and she adviced that i have PCO, endometrial thickening and possible endometriosis, I told to here about period that its not regular. She answered that im not having a cycle, what is happening to me is stil unknown. She prescribed Premulot nor tab to be taken for 10days. I took all the pills and had my period which took 10days. I wen to consultation again and i had all the hormonal and thyroid blood determination but all were in normal limits. She gave me again another drug, Orgametril tab to be taken for 21 days.. But during entire treatment process, i have so many discomforts with the newly prescribeb drugs: acne, loosing weight, decrease satiety to food, mood swing and back pain.. after such treatment my period came and still lasted for 9 days and there were small clots. I asked her why i am having like these? she did not explain to me and she another gave me new medication but i did not comply on it. Im tired of taking those medications already. I did a research and i found out that diane can/maybe cure my irregularity and even my acne. i started taking diane 35mg last oct of 2011 and im continuously taking such until now. my period will take only 4days.. i dont know what’s inside my resporductive system and i did not make any other cnsulation to Ob here in UAE. Hope you can help me regarding my concern. Thanks a lot.
A: Don’t worry. There is no harm in taking Diane pills for a long time. If you have no chance to see an OB again, just keep taking Diane pills. It is better than not taking any medications at all. Please read my article on PCOS to understand your illness better. When you come home to the Philippines, see an OB-GYN here.
Q: hello doc,tanong ko lng kung anong gmot sa chetoni o achetoni ba ang tamang skit na yon.lagi kseng masakit ang tiyan ng ank ko,pag nag tetest kmi ng ketur test pra sa chetoni mero 3plus.kulay violet yong result ng stripe ng test.skit ng tiyan at nagsusuka ang ank ko.minsan di nkakapasok sa school.ano ho bng tamang gmot at dpat na ipakain at ano-ano ang mga bawal nyang kainin.delikado ho bng skit yon.sana po mkatanggap ako ng responce nyo.disperata na ho kse ako..slmat ho at hihimtayin ko ang sagot nyo..slamat po.god bless.
A: Gusto sana kitang tulungan pero wala akong alam na sakit na “chetoni” or “achetoni”. Please check your medical records or call your doctor kung ano ang tamang spelling ng sakit ng anak mo.
A: Ang ketones ay resulta ng pagsunog ng fats sa katawan natin. Tumataas ang ketones sa urine and blood kung ang pasyente ang may diabetes. Delikadong sakit ang diabetes lalo na sa bata. Huwag kang titigil ipa-check up ang iyong anak sa doctor niya. Kung may diabetes ang anak mo, importanteng iwasan ang matatamis na pagkain and mga pagkaing mataas sa carbohydrate gaya ng white rice, bread, pasta and starchy fruits and vegetables.
Q: Great to discover a blog from a doctor.  What is your specialization Dra. Sarmiento? I have a question my friend underwent TABSO is it the same as THBSO? She told me everything was removed so she cannot got pregnant anymore. What are the causes of such a procedure, she just mentioned she experienced before profuse bleeding. My case I only had Minor D&C due to Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding and then later on, due to polyp.  But the result of the biopsy was non-cancerous. Why do women like in my case experience to have polyp? or DUB? I was 33 that time when I underwent D&C. Thank you po.
A: THBSO means total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral sapingooophorectomy. Some people pronounce it as TAHBSO. It is the removal of the uterus and 2 fallopian tubes and 2 ovaries. So no more menses, no more babies and no more female hormones also. Women undergo thbso for a lot of reasons: bleeding uncontrolled by medications and after 3-4 DnC’s, myomas, cancer, etc. For you, a polyp causes bleeding but a dnc is enough. If it keeps coming back and you undergo a total of 3 dnc’s, maybe the doctor will suggest a thbso already because your uterus has been scraped too often already. Hanggang 3 dnc lang usually. The reason for polyp is unknow but usually it may be due to a layer of menses na hindi lahat lumabas so naiipon sa loob ng uterus and eventually kakapal ang lining and may cause a polyp.
Q: Hi Doc. This website of yours is very helpful to all Filipinos that have very busy schedules like me. Keep it up! I have two problems that I want to consult with you. First is that I experience drying of my throat recently. I think almost a month now. I have read some articles that I just need to gargle with warm water with salt and sometimes take hard candies, which I did. But still, my throat keeps on drying everytime. Do you have other recommendations? Also, secondly, I have a varicose vein (actually, VEINS) on my left leg since I was in college (that was 8 yrs ago), although I don’t feel any pain on it but I noticed that sometimes I feel numbness on my leg. Is it safe to have a surgery for it? What kind of doctor do I need to go with? Can you recommend a medical center that can do the procedure? I live in Cavite, so I am planning to go to Asian Hospital or any hospital within Manila or Cavite area. Thanks and God bless you.

A:  Thank you for visiting my website.

 Problem #1: Dry throat
Dehydration is the most common cause of dry throat. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Avoid foods and drinks that are diuretics (coffee, coffee candies, chocolates, tea) because they make you pee more and therefore, leave you with less fluid in your body contributing to your dry throat. Next, review all your medications. Some drugs especially diets pills cause dry throat. Third, see a doctor for a complete examination and lab test. Dry throat may be due to allergies, autoimmune diseases or diabetes.
Problem #2: Varicose veins
Some need surgery and some don’t. It’s best to let a doctor examine them first. Doctors in charge of varicose veins are TCVS or thoracocardiovascular surgeons. They are experts on blood vessels. I would recommend Dr. Hadji Desquitado of Asian Hospital.
For a complete list of specialists, please see my “List of Recommended Doctors” in my website.
Q: hi doc, tanong k lng po kng pano mahihinto ang white mense? my gamot po b para dito? thanks po

A: White menses is normal. Some women have more, some women have  less, some have none.

You cannot make it disappear but you may lessen it by using an acidic feminine wash like Lactacyd once a day on regular days and 3x a day on the days with strong white menses.
Q: hi doc. gudam ask ko lang po anu po dapat gwin kasi may pcos po ako gusto ko po kasi mabuntis at magkaanak…
A:  The first step is to do a vaginal ultrasound so the doctor can see the status of your ovaries and uterus. You can decide to either shrink the cysts muna or start you on fertility tablets right away.
Q: gandang araw po doctora. im 22 years old po female  and im just gonna ask po sana about my abnormal menturation period kasi po almost 1 year na po ako hindi nagkakaron ng period.dati po irregular lang but this last few months as in totally wala na po tlga.wala naman po ako nararamdaman na iba sa katawan ko ee. pano po ba maging normal uli  yun kasi po gusto na po namin magka anak ng partner ko ee, and bata pa nman po ako para tuluyang magstop ang period ko! salamat po and sana po matulungan nyo po ako.maraming salama t po ulit :)
A: Kailangan ka magpa vaginal ultrasound para makita natin kung ano ang nangyayari sa loob ng katawan mo? Meron ka bang cysts? or myoma? or hormonal imbalance. Makakatulong rin kung papayag si mister magpa-sperm count.
Q: hi dra! My bf and i hav been living together since sept 2008. After a year we decided na mag try to have a baby. Months turned into years pero di kami nakabuo until he had to leave for abroad last year. May times noon na i would feel so depressed kasi iniisip ko na baka may diperensya ako. And im afraid to find out kaya never ako nagpatingin. Then i heard regine said in an interview na 2 yrs before her marriage to ogie nagpalinis sya ng system? Anu pong ibig sabihin nun? Anu po ba ang dapat kong gawin? Anu pong tests ang dapat kong i undergo. Thanks in advance
A: Di masyadong clear yung statement na “nagpalinis ng system”. Wala kasing ganung procedure sa OB. Baka ang ibig sabihin ni Regine ay barado ang mga fallopian tubes niya. She might have undergone a procedure called hysterosalpingography para ma-visualize kung barado ng tubes niya and at the same time, maitulak ang mga bara. First thing to do for the two of you is: get sperm analysis for your husband. Ikaw naman magpa-pap smear and vaginal ultrasound ka.
Q: Hi Doc, i am 26 years old, I’m just wondering.. Is there any chance na pwede maging irregular ang menstruation ng isang babae if dati ka naman regular? Kasi po in my case dati regular yung period ko, now naman po minsan in a month hindi ako nagkaka- period, then the next month malakas naman.. Pero my time na the next month is stain lang.. Na-try ko din po magPT but it’s always negative… Sometimes two months akong wala, the volume of it is very small.. It’s really makin me crazy.. Is it because stress of other things like work or anything.. meron po ba effect yung stress sa nagiging flow or cycle ng period naten mga ladies.
Please help me Doc D what will I do.. Thanks :)
A: It is normal to have 1-2 episodes of irregular menses in one year. Pero kung 3 or more times in a year kang irregular, then you might havehormonal imbalance. If left uncorrected, hormonal imbalance can lead to infertility. Please to an ultrasound of the vagina and see an OBGYN.
Q: Good day Doc, 7months na po after i gave birth, during my first  menstruation  after 3 months i get sick, colds and cough, and it was repeated in the following month hanggang ngayon. Hindi naman po ako ganito nung hindi pa ako nabuntis.
A: Looks like your resistance has not yet recovered after delivery. Did you know that your body only goes back to its normal pre-pregnant state at 18 months after delivery? That’s a long time to go for you. In the meantime, to increase your resistance drink vitamin c 500 mg daily, sleep 8 hours a day, walk or jog 30 minutes 3 x a week and drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Kung breastfeeding and nagpupuyat ka pa, take also Hemarate capsule (Iron) once a day and Calciumade 600 mg 2x a day.
Q: after i had this fungal infection, my ‘singit’ turned out to be darkened, how should i treat it? its too dark that by looking at it, i lose self confidence, even if it is covered the whole time..what medicinal cream should i put to return its original fair color? Please reply.
I would appreciate your solicited advice.
A: Yes, fungal infection can darken your skin even if it is already treated. It takes awhile for your skin to lighten again. You may consult a dermatologist for some creams but the simplest solution is to lossen your underwear. Kailangan hindi natatamaan ng cloth for awhile to allow the skin to lighten. Our skin really sheds on its own so puputi din yan eventually. Pero kung laging nagagasgas dahil sa garter ng underwear, the area will darken and thicken. Maybe at night mag boxer shorts ka lang, no underwear. Try applying papaya soap, some of my patients say that works for them.
Q: Dra. bakit po misan kumati ang vagina ko tapos kunti lang ang iniihi ko.. ano po ba ang tamang gawin ko po? at ano po ang gamot at femininewash? sobra po akong ng aalala.. maraming salamat po! god bless you!
A: Maraming causes ng vaginal itchiness: Pwedeng infection na bacteria, fungus or parasite. Kailangan ka magpa pap smear to check the reason for the itchiness. Kung konti naman umihi, baka kulang ka lang sa inom ng tubig. Maganda din magpa urinalysis para malaman ang reason baka UTI na yan.
Q: Is it bad to take multivitamins non stop and what is the best brand of multivitamins?
A: It is not bad to take multivitamins non-stop. The issue is DO YOU NEED IT? If you are able to eat a balanced meal everyday, you do not need a multivitamin. The only substance that you cannot supply enough of from foods is Calcium (1,200mg/day). The rest like vitamin C is from fruits, vitamin A from carrots, calabasa, etc, vitamin B complex from meat, vitamin D from sunlight. I suggest Calciumade 600 mg 2x a day then eat a little of everything everyday and get expose your face, arms and hands to the sun for 15 minutes before 10 am OR after 3 pm every day.
Q: Ilang taong gulang  po nagsisimula ang Breast cancer.? Anong Edad po ito..

A: Walang pinipiling edad ang breast cancer. Mas madalas lang ito simula sa edad na 40, pero kahit 20-30 years old pwedeng magka breast cancer lalo na kung may nanay or kapatid ka na nagkaroon ng breast cancer. Pero majority ng may breast cancer ay above 40 years old.

Ang importante ay magpa check up sa OBGYN taon taon.
Q: Hi po doc. Worried lng po ako kc madalas po akong di na nadadatnan ng period, minsan umaabot na ng 3 months, dati po regular naman po ako, mga last year lng po nagkaganito. Nagpunta n po kmi ng doctor tapos binigyan lng ako pangparegla, pero sa susunod na month, wala nanman pag di na ako nagttake. sabi po nila bka anemic daw ako, naisip ko lng di po kya may epekto yung diet pills na tinitake ko? natatakot lng po ako baka magkaroon ng masamang epekto po ung di ko pagkakaroon ng menstruation. thanks po.

A: Hindi normal na maglayag ang regla. Kung 1-2 months a year okay lang, pero kung mas madalas ay mukhang may hormonal imbalance ka na. Sana makapag pa ultrasound ka ang magpa check up ka sa OBGYN para mabigyan ka ng gamot para ma correct ng cycle mo.

Kung minsan 6-12 months ka naka gamot bago maayos ang cycle mo.
Q: Doc. ano po ang mabisang gamot sa pigsa!
A: Ang mabisang gamot sa pigsa ay: Cloxacillin 500 mg three times a day for 7 days kasabay ng paglinis ng pigsa ng Betadine 3x a day and apply Bactifree ointment 3x a day for 7  days.
Q: Hi Doc !!! Ask ko lang ano ang reason na may Fatty Liver na katulad ko ? , Ano ang tendency nito pag tanda ko ? then paano ba ito i diagnose ? , Im 35 yo na OFW..Lagi na lang ako kasi pending sa Med examination ko…have a good day Doc !!!
A: Anyway, sa tanong ninyo tungkol sa fatty liver…maaari itong dala ng mataas na cholesterol mula sa kinakain or fatty liver dahil sa liver disease gaya ng hepatitis, etc. or dahil sa paginom ng alak. Malalaman kung may fatty liver sa pag ultrasound ng liver. Pwede ring magpa blood test for lipid profile, liver profile and hepatitis profile para malaman ang cause ng fatty liver ninyo. Dapat kumunsulta sa Gastroenterologist kung liver ang problema. Please see my “List of Recommended Doctors” para pag uwi ninyo ay makapagpa-check up na kayo.
Q: Hi doc, I have been suffering from a vaginal yeast infection for more than 3 years now. I try many suppository prescribed by two OB Gyne. But still my yeast infection keep coming back.  is there any medicine can totally eradicate the yeast infection? Pls doc help me find solution.
A: Minsan mahirap talaga gamutin ang yeast infection. It keeps coming back especially kung mahilig ka sa matatamis na pagkain, madalas ka mag gym oir work out and matagal na basa ng pawis ang underwear, or may beginning Diabetes ka na. The best is to see an OB-GYN, ikwento mo na balik ng balik ang yeast mo para ma advice ka ng proper feminine wash, diet, hygiene practice and do a blood test for diabetes.
Q: have a good day doc! im asking lang po bout my color of urine.kc sometimes pag nakakakain ako ng maalat na pagkain ang color ng urine ko is dark yellow,at minsan ang kulay ng mata ko ay nagyeyellow rin.tnx and god bles u!
A: Pag kumain ka ng maalat talagang magiging dark yellow ang urine mo dahil ang fluid sa ihi mo ay pumupunta sa soft tissues mo para ma-dilute ang maalat na kinain mo. Kasabay nito, lalo kang minamanas pag masyado maalat ang kinakain dahil doon napunta lahat ng fuid at hindi sa ihi. Ang pagkadilaw naman ng mata ay maaaring dala ng pollution, or paninigarilyo or jaundice due to liver disease. Magpa check up ka sa Gastroenterologist to rule out liver disease. Please see my “List of Recommended Doctors” for a Gastro near your area.

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  1. Virginia says:

    Hi Doc, ask ko lng po sana ksi mg aapat na taon na kming mgkasama ng Mr. ko pro d prin kmi nbibiyaan ng anak. I just turn 30 & he’s 31. 2yrs ago I found out that I have this Endometrioma Cyst on my left ovary. pro mliit na bukol lng nmn dw, kelangan dw ma operahan. which I did not ksi wla pa pong sapat na pera. & last yr nag pap smear na rin ako. tas c Mr ngpa sperm counts na rin kaso medyo my pgka mababa dw yung sperm counts nya, pro my posibilidad pa rin po nmn na mgka baby kmi sbi nung doctor. pro just wanna ask kng bkit hanggang ngaun wla prin. at natural lng ba ung natatapon na mens after sex? ksi pgka tayo ko mas nparami ang labas..at anu po ba ang best time sa pgtatalik? sana matulongan nyo po kmi. maraming salamat po Doc! :)

    • filipinamd says:

      Dear V.,

      Maraming kayong problema bakit di kayo nabibiyayaan ng baby.
      1. Endometrial cyst means nagreregla ka sa labas ng uterus. May naiipong regla sa ovary so maaaring sanhi ng pagkabarado na rin ang mga fallopian tubes mo. Maaari pang matunaw yang bukol na yan kung less than 5 cms ito or kung mahigit sa 5-6cms na ang sukat niya, kailangan na yang operahan.
      2. Low sperm count. Ang normal na sperm count ay 20 million para makabuo ng baby. Kung mababa ang count niya, pwede siyang uminom ng Proviron tablet 3x a day for 90 days. Huwag lalampas ng 90 days dahil baka makasama ito sa prostate niya.
      3. Natatapon na sperm after sex. I-check mo ang “liquifaction time” sa sperm count result. Kung masyadong mabilis ang liquifaction, less than 30 mins, ibig sabihin mabilis maging liquid ang semilya so sa halip na matulungan ang sperm para lumangoy papunta sa egg, mabilis itong natutunaw at tumutulo lang papalabas ng vagina. Makakatulong kung kakain si mister ng hilaw na egg white 2 times a day. Tandaan: egg white lang. Alisin ang egg yolk or pula ng itlog dahil baka tumaas naman ang cholesterol ni mister kung 2 x a day siya kakain ng buong itlog. At tandaan din na dapat ang egg white ay hilaw! Pwede itong ihalo sa Sarsi or ice cream. Huwag ihalo sa kape or sabaw dahil maluluto ang egg white.
      4. Best time to have sex. Iba iba ang fertile days ng babae. It is safe to say na magtalik kayo every other day from day 7-17 para magka-baby na kayo. Tandaan: Day 1 is first day of menstruation.

      Good luck!
      Doc D

      • Virginia says:

        Maraming Salamat po sa inyo Dra. Malaking tulong po ito sa amin. God Bless You! :)

        • Nene says:

          Hi Doc

          Gusto ko po sanang humingi ng payo tungkol sa auntie kng 46yo na…ksi etong menstruation nya mraming lumalabas na mbahong-mbahong dugo at npakasakit ng kanyang ulo na prang ssabog na sa skit! anu po ba ang maippayo nyo doc at sya po ay umaasa na mtapos na ung pgtitiis nya. salamat po and more power.

      • michiko says:

        hi! ask ko lang po what is the best medicine for endometrial cyst??

        • filipinamd says:

          I advice injectable progesterone every 3 weeks hanggang lumiit ang cyst tapos start ka ng pills para hindi na bumalik. Try Althea pills. The best ito magpaganda ng kutis.

          • michiko says:

            what if po i have polycystic on the right ovary..pede pa rin po ba ang althea?? kasi now im taking gyerna..

          • filipinamd says:

            Ok din naman ang gynera to regulate your cycle. Pero di ba ang major problem ng polycyctic ovary is secretion of male hormones na androgen. And Althea ay may laman na anti-androgen kaya perfect ito para sa PCOS.

          • michiko says:

            hi dra!.. ah ganun po ba pero ang diane35 at gyerna din po db meron anti-androgen yun po kasi sabi nung oby ko..hindi na po ko nag diane ulit kasi nag bleeding po ako dun which is hindi dapat para hindi mag enlarge ung cyst ko..but sad to say maybe during my medication..hindi ko nasusunod sa tama oras ung pills kaya di ganun k effect ung gamot para mapigilan ung mens ko.??gusto ko sna injectable pra ma stop ung mens ko.meron po ba kayo alam na cheaper lang??. then i take metformin din also for my polycystic.. pero nag pa ultra sound na ko at ok naman na right ovary ko yung left na lang which is andun ung endometrial cyst ko na 3cm na.. before 2cm.. dapat lumiit pero siguro dahil nag memens ako after ng 2 months at nag bbleed between my period kaya useless.. i hope this time lumiit na..gusto ko na rin mag ka baby :(thanks po

          • filipinamd says:

            Dalawang magkaibang gamot ang kailangan mo.
            For PCOS, you need anti androgen pills like Althea or Diane (not Gynera).
            For endometrial cyst, you need Depo injectables.
            I suggest unahin mong gamutin ang endometrial cyst dahil pag hindi ito lumiit, maooperahan ka. Ang PCOS ay hindi naman kailangan operahan. So, this can wait.

          • michiko says:

            ah gnun po ba.. bakit kaya gyerna yung sinugest skin if meron ako polycystic?.baka mag re occur lang pag ganun..il change my pills n lng.. thanks po dra.. gusto ko na po tlga matangal to endometrial cyst ko.. talagang masama na po ba mag take ng ladogal???sabi kc ng oby ko now it’s prohibited na.. dahil sa side effect nun..how much at saan po meron nung injectable??thanks

  2. rosel says:

    doc ano po ang dapat namin gawin ng asawa qo..para mgkaroon n kme ng anak…inasahan k po pagsagot neo..

    • filipinamd says:

      Dear R.,

      Huwag mo namang i-bigay lahat ng responsibilidad ng pagkakaroon ng baby kay mister. Maraming rason bakit di kayo binibigyan ng baby.
      1. Baka di ka nag-oovulate. Magpaultrasound ka sa day 14 ng regla mo para makita kung may fertile egg ka.
      2. Baka barado ang tubes mo. Magpa-hysterosalpingogram ka to check kung barado nga.
      3. Magpa-sperm count si mister after 2 days ng hindi pagtatalik.
      4. But … Nakakalungot man sabihin pero 60% ng mga hindi makabuo ay wala kamimg makitang rason sa ultrasound maging sa sperm count. Kaya dasal at paghihintay na lang ang ina-advice namin. Pero siyempre kung may naipon naman kayong pera, pwedeng magpa-IVF or in vitro fertilization. Sa ngayon nasa P500,000 ang gastusin para sa isang cycle ng IVF.

      Doc D

  3. lena says:

    Hi Doc, ask po ako bakit madalas po ang sakit ng puson ko. di naman po masyadong masakit, pero parang iba. Ma feel ko po siya usually pag ka gising ko. Thank you po sa tulong.

    • filipinamd says:

      Dear L,

      Kapag masakit ang puson tuwing pagkagising mo sa umaga, mukhang related sa urinary tract mo ito. Baka marami kang iniinom na tubig sa gabi, so sa umaga ihing-ihi ka na pagkagising mo. Or baka naman UTI na ito. Try to lessen your water intake 2 hours before bedtime para hindi punong-puno ang bladder mo in the morning. Kung may panahon ka, magandang magpa-urinalysis to rule out UTI.

      Doc D

  4. yaje says:

    Good day doc. ask lang po ako, may posibilidad po ba na hindi mabuntis ung isang babae sa dahilang half lang ung inilabas mo na sperm sa kanya ang ung half is winidraw mo? and after nun umiihi sya ka ka agad right away doc. pero ginagawa ko po un after 7 days pagkatapos ng menstruation nya. tnx po

    • filipinamd says:

      Sorry dear but withdrawal method has a failure rate of 20%. Ibig sabihin sa 100 na mag-asawa na gumagamit nitong paraan ng family planning, 20 sa kanila ang mabubuntis.
      Ovulation can start anytime from 7-17 days after Day 1 of menstruation. Please see a doctor for better advice on family planning.

  5. jennifer says:

    hello doc.gos2 ako poh!maka baby pw0 ano kong dapat gawin para maka baby at ano kong dapat gawin mapahilot ako wlang nagawa at gos2 ko maka baby anong…dapat gawin koh!doc…para maka baby ako sana ma tolongan mo ako doc makakaawa ako sayo tolongin mu man ako anong dapat gawin upang ma buntis ako,….yan!lang ang masabii koh!sayo at salamat??

    • filipinamd says:

      Kailangan mag pa check up kayong mag-asawa para malaman kung sino ang may problema. Si mister kailangan magpa sperm count at ikaw kailangan magpa vaginal ultrasound.

  6. Cyndie says:

    Doc gumamit po ako ng pills ng 1yr muka buntis pu ako safe pu kaya ang baby ko kasi d ako nakpag papsmear muna bgo nabuntir

    • filipinamd says:

      A pap smear it to check for cervical cancer. Hindi ito ang paraan para ma check up kung OK si baby. Kailangan mong magpa ultrasound.

  7. Cynthia says:

    Doc, 2nd pregnancy ko n po ngaun, 3 & 1/2 months n po aq, kya lng po by 2n month may mga lumbas skin n dry reddish skin between my fingers and pati sa armpit, i understand normal po ito sa pregnant women ky lng hindi ko po kayang tiisin ung itch ky naglgay ako ng elica cream. cgro po mga 4x/week aq nglalagay. Nung nagbasa aq sa internet ntkot lng po aq sa nbsa ko ky I decided na itigil. Gusto ko lng po mman kung may harmful effect po b ito sa baby sa womb ko? im really scared. Pls. advice po doc. Thank you.

    • filipinamd says:

      Dahil buntis ka, iwasan mo ang paginom or pagpahid ng kahit anong gamot. Please see a dermatologist para ma examine kung ano ang rason sa pagka pula ng balat mo. Baka allergy lang ito or normal changes in pregnancy.

  8. alma says:

    nagpcheck up po kc ako s ob at inultrasound nya ko,den cnv nya po na my polyps ako..isa po b un s cause kya 5 yrs. n kmi ng mister ko eh wala p rin kming baby?

    • filipinamd says:

      What is the size if the polyp? Where is the location? It could be blocking the entrance if the uterus or blocking the fallopian tubes. Kung 5 years na kayong naghihintay na mabiyayaan ng baby, walang masama kung ipatanggal mo ang polyp. Malay mo bigla kayong magka baby after that.
      Good luck!

  9. lena says:

    Doc, 29 years old po ako, araw araw po sumasakit ang legs ko, banda sa likod ng tuhod ko. dahil po ba ito sa varicous? ano pong cause nito? paano din po i prevent ang varicous veins? salamat po.

    • filipinamd says:

      Minsan masakit nga ang varicose veins. Try to drink Daflon 500mg twice a day for 1 month. Kung di mawala ang pain, see a TCVS doctor. Sila ang expert sa
      Varicose veins.

  10. Roneth Dion says:

    Dear Doc,

    i am already 43 years old I have 1 daughter who is 21 yrs old frm my first nuptial. I got married again two years ago .For the past 2 years with my husband we tried to have a baby unfortunately di kami makabou.Infact may anak na din sya before.Is there any problem with my age, or sa medication for highblood pressure.It’s almost 7 yrs na nag uundergo ako ng medication un kaya ang dahilan? Magkakaanak pa ba ako ano ang kailangan gawin ko kc gusto ko pang magkababy at this age 43

    • filipinamd says:

      Kahit pareho kayong may baby noon, maraming nagbabago sa katawan natin as the years go by. Kailangan magpa sperm count si mister and ikaw naman magpa vaginal ultrasound ka.

  11. filipinamd says:

    From: jocelyn reyes
    Subject: FILIPINAMD – myoma (severe bleeding during menstruation)

    Question from Filipina MD Website:

    Dear Doc,

    My myoma po ako and everytime na my menstruation ako super lakas ng bleeding ko panu po mababawasan ung bleeding and pwede pa po ba ako magka baby im already 41 yrs old. I have this condition since 2009 pero ngayong april lang po me naka experience ng pain sa puson.

    jocelyn reyes

    Myoma is not cancer. We usually do not operate unless that patient has pain and bleeding. I suggest you do an ultrasound. Kung less than 5 cms ang size ng myoma, you can try medications muna to decrease the bleeding. You may take pills or Depo injectable to control the amount of menstruation produced and to lessen the bleeding. If 3-6 months ka nang naka gamot and ganun pa rin ang lakas ng bleeding and pain, then maybe you already need an operation.
    DOC D

  12. tofeee says:

    hi doc. ask ko lagn kung bakit sumaskit ung balls ko at parang may bukol pati ung balakang ko. ano po ba ibig sabhin nun? at san pwedeng magpa check up?

    • filipinamd says:

      For the pain in the scrotum, please see a Urologist.
      For the mass on the hip, please see a General Surgeon.

      Doc D

  13. Carmen says:

    Doc, Gud pm i have a problem..im a clean and neat person, i just wondering where my warts came from? its in front of my vagina”pisngi” kung tawagin ng matatanda.. nahihiya ako magconsult s doctor. all i know is i used my husbands shaver to shave my pubic hair and suddenly after 2 weeks i found 1 pc of warts in front of my organ.is it possible n nakuha ko iyon s shaver ng husband ko? and the worst is there’s another 1 malapit s vaginas entrance . nakakapa ko sya and maliit palang sya.yung naunang warts ay gamunggo n ang laki. please help me . im really shy to consult it into a doctor pakiramdam ko parang ako lang ang my ganun..thanks and god bless !

    • filipinamd says:

      If its only 1-2 pieces of warts…that’s not probably not the sexually transmitted type of warts. The STD type of warts are multiple…around 10-20 pieces clumped together. The solitary warts are probably just molluscum contagiosum which are also caused by the HPV virus but they are benign and will not cause cancer. You may choose to burn it with Aldara cream apply to wart for 6-10 hours every other day for up to 16 weeks till warts disappear. If you are not sure, visit a doctor. It’s their job to help you…not to judge you.

    • carmen says:

      dear doc, Thank you so much. your a god’s blessing to evry filipino women.. thank you. i’l try first the aldara cream the one u suggest. may god blessings be with u always…

  14. doc..pwede po ba magtanong??sa lahat po ng sintoms ng cervical cancer…ehh maiihahalitulad ko po sa ngayon sa akin??san po ba nakukuha ang cervical cancer??at pwede po ba mabuntis pag meron ka nito??salamat po…

    • filipinamd says:

      Early cervical cancer has no symptoms. The late symptoms appear when it is around stage 2 already like spotting or bleeding after sex and bleeding in between your period. And also foul-smelling vaginal discharge but this is a very late symptom. Yes, pwede ka pa rin mabuntis kahit may cervical cancer pero delikado ang nanay at baby kapag nangyari ito.

      • michiko says:

        dra na curious ako dito..kasi before i had a smelly discharge and abnormal bleeding like after sex or between my period?..does it mean na possible na may cancer n ko sa cervix?. but i had na yung cervix examination..lumabas dun was infection lang..kc parang may wounds yung cervix ko dahil sguro sa kaka do namin ni hubby.. tska yung ganon symptoms po nahahalintulad rin po sya sa mga tao meron std???

  15. rolyn says:

    dear doc, im 31 years old. last year oct. ko napansin na ang haba ng menstruation ko hindi naman sya malakas like 10days siguro yung spot spot lang kaya panty liner lang gamit ko. on the 11thday-13th day yun na talaga ang parang regular mens (normal na lakas ng mens) ko at totally nagtatapos noong ika 15th day, so ang haba talaga ng period ko, so the following month ganon parin minsan 13 days, minsan 12days the next month. palaging ganyan until march this year. pag april 2 nag mens ako pero 3 days lng ung talagng normal ko so i was so happy but nung pag april 21 bumalik ang mens until this very moment nag spot pa talaga hindi namn sya malakas wala namang masakit sa akin. nag pa check up ako sa dr. hindi pa namn akong pwedeng e pap smear dahil may dugo pa at hindi pwede. nag TVS po ako at dun nakita na may 3.3cm myoma ako at ang masama nasa labas cya sa uterus pero pumasok daw yung myoma sa uterus ng konti sa lining ba ata yun at yun daw ang dahilan ng abnormal bleeding ko. pero sa sa akin wala akong na feel na masakit pwera lng sa long period og bleeding at ang myoma ko sabi ng dr. ay mahirap daw dahil nasa likod ito at isa pa may nakita na 2.something na cyst sa right ovary ko. mas more concern po ako sa myoma ko although hindi rin pwedeng balewalain yung cyst ko. doc, gusto ko pa pong magka buntis 1 lang ang anak ko babae mag 6years old na. sabi ng doc e momonitor lng daw nya then afer 6mos. tvs ulit tingnan kung tumubo ba dahil 3.3 cm lang daw d cya ng aadvice ng surgery. buti sana doc kase parng ang mahal siguro ng gastusin. pero kase doc kahit d ito umabot ng 6cm at 3.3cm pa lang ay ang haba kase ng mens ko eh or baka hindi na ito hihinto, yung 1st check up ko may mens na ako nun binigyan nya ako ng iron at hemostan for 5days 3times a day. so nag pa tvs ako after bumalik ako dala na yung result sa ultasound,at yun nag explain cya at sabi nya na pag lumakas daw yung mens ko continue ko daw yung hemostan dahil tapos na ang 5 days. so ngayon hindi ko kinontinue ung hemostan dahil hindi namn sya lumakas (ung 5days ko sa hemostan d rin ito ng stop, spot pa din). ano bang dapat kung gawin doc, or may gamot ba na pwde kong inumin para sa long period of bleeding aside sa hemostan, or continue ko yung hemostan? doc sa inyong opinyon ano ang masasabi mo sa case ko? sana kaya pa ito ng gamot(intake) at hindi surgery. sabi ng doc. ko mas maganda daw yung injectible kaysa gamot na intake kaya lang mawala lang daw ng 6mo. tapos babalik dw yun at lalong lumalakas ung tubo, totoo po ba yun? ngayon nag avoid na ako ng fats at saka evry afternoon ako nagjojogging. doc pls help me ano ang dapat kong gawin. masyado na akong desperada sa sarili ko. at gusto ko talagang magkaanak uli. salamat po.

    • filipinamd says:

      Tama ang doctor mo. Di dapat operahan ang myoma mo dahil maliit pa. Ang problema mo ay bleeding, so maybe i-control muna natin ang bleeding by taking pills. Ang pills ay di lamang pang family planning. Pang regulate din ito ng menstruation. Take any brand, Trust pills ang pinakamura. Take first tablet sa unang araw ng regla ang non-stop na ito iinumin for 6 months. After 6 months, repeat the ultrasound. Baka lumiit na ang myoma mo then maybe pwede na kayo mag try mag baby.

      Doc D

  16. Ritz says:

    Doc ang problema ko po hindi ko po alam kung masasabi itong undescended testicle kase may oras na nasa scrotum po naman yung left testicle ko minsan naman nawawala siya at nakakapa ko sa bandang itaas ng aking scrotum, yung isa naman po normal naman po siya. magiging hadlang po ba ito para hindi ako magka anak?.

    • filipinamd says:

      An undescended testis is the permanent absence of one or both testicles in the scrotum. Kung occasional lang na parang nawawala ang testicle, this is called retractable testicle which is normal especially during cold temperatures.
      The best way to check of you are able to have children is to do a sperm count. Make sure you abstain for 2-3 days before collection.

  17. annabelle says:

    doc,tnong ko lang po kung hindi po b mkksm kc 1yr n po ko umiinum ng metformine may Polycystic ovaries,bilateral po kc ako.thanks po

    • filipinamd says:

      Do a blood test muna, BUN CREA SGOT SGPT. Sometimes too much metformin can harm the liver and kidneys.

  18. CAROL says:

    hello dra…just want to ask if may makikita na po bang sintomas ng early pregnancy in two weeks after the conception? madalas po kasi sumakit ang lower back ko,puson,tyan tapos sinisikmura, parang madali mapagod, may tyms na bigla nlang nhihilo.. pagkatapos pong kumain mga 10- 15 mins lang gutom agad…ung paligid ng nipples ko parang lumaki pero di naman masakit…ano po kaya ngyayari? may possibility po bang buntis ako??at pwede na din po ba gumamit ng p.t?..

    pls answer me po…
    tnx and godbless…

    • filipinamd says:

      It’s too early to know. Please do a pregnancy test 5-6 weeks after your last menstruation.

  19. anne says:

    hi doc,,tanong ko lang po 2 years na po ao married but until now wala padin po kmi baby,, nagpa transviginal ultrasound napo ako at based on results polysystic ovary dw po ako on both ovaries and nakalagay din po anteverted..nung dalaga po ako ok naman po ung cycle ko every month po ako ngkakaron but when i got married dun napo ngcmula na 3 months ako bago reglahin na hanggang sa dumating po sa punto na kung hindipo ako iinum ng duphastone hindi pon ako rereglahin,,,im 26 years old and my husband is 32…gsto napo tlaga namin mgkabby anu po pd namin gawin ang dami ko napo ngng ob pero lge po duphastone bnbngay na gamot skn halos 1 year napo ako nainum nun..plz help me doc..ngaun po ngtetake ulit ako ng duphastone kc delay napo ako 2 months pero negative po sa pt…help me po

    • filipinamd says:

      Please read my article on Polycystic Ovary. Nandun lahat ng instructions ng gamot na iinumin mo kung gusto mo na mag baby.

  20. kline says:

    gusto npo nmin mgkaanak ng hubby pero wala prin until now almost 5yrs n kmi ngsesex everyday pa anu dapat gwin doc?

    • filipinamd says:

      Do a vaginal ultrasound and let your husband do a sperm count and ipa basa mo sa doctor para matulungan kayo.

  21. Krizel says:

    hi doc, bagong kasal po kami ng mr. ko,share ko po yung experience ko, kasi everytime na magsesex kami gumagamit ang Mr. ko ng Condom, fit naman po sa kanya yung condom,pero sometimes napapansin namin nagkakaron siya ng small amount of fluid, sa dulo ng condom pero di pa yun ung talagang naglalabas siya ng sperm, pero my pagkakataon na lumalabas yun sperm sa mismong base ng condom sa my ring.cguro po dhil may kaliitan yung penis niya, di po kaya may nkapasok na sperm sa loob ng matris ko na maging resulta ng pagkabuntis?

    • filipinamd says:

      Yes, yan ang isa sa mga failure ng condom kung hindi exacto ang sukat ng condom maaaring may makalusot na sperm. Kung hindi pa talaga kayo handa you can try the pill. You may use any brand, hanapin mo ang brand na hiyang sa iyo, yung walang headache and nausea. Read the instructions in the box how to take the pill.

  22. rhel says:

    doc my tanong po ako, kasi nag sex kmi ng BF ko, then i take an ECP at nagkaron nman po ng effect last April 22, then May 1 may ngyari po ulit samen nag use naman po ung BF ko ng condom at withdrawal, pero nagtataka ko bkit may creamy fluid? sa labas ng vagina ko after nagejaculate ako, saken po ba galing yun o sa bf ko?
    dahil sa nagworry po kmi 4days(may5) after sex nag take po ulit ako ng ECP (nordette)4tabs for the 1st dosage and after 12hrs 4tabs for 2nd dose, i am expecting na after 5-7days magkakaron na ko, but today is pang 11th day na di pa din ako nagkakaron..? is there a possibility na mabuntis po ba ko? sobrang nag aalala na po ako, after taking ECP nag vomit po kasi ko 4hrs after uminom ng ECP, but i think its just a side effect of ECP at lusaw na po yung gamot, pero nakakapagtaka na til now wala padin, buntis na po kaya ako? please reply doc. thanks

    • filipinamd says:

      Personally, I do not prescribe emergency contraception. i would rather hindi ka mag-ovulate by taking the pills regularly than to take an emergency contraception when there is a chance that you will expel an already formed embryo. Stop taking chances. Take pills everyday. Its safer.

  23. Hanz says:

    Hey Doc, good day. i am fit and healthy but my problem is my stomach. I eat a lot and the reason medyo lumalaki talaga ang tiyan ko. But i go to gym sometimes para lumiit din naman. Ang problem is, ang lumalaki ay dito sa gitna ng tiyan ko instead dito sa ibaba (sa itaas ng puson ko). God Bless doc.

    • filipinamd says:

      Losing weight and staying fit does not only involve regular exercise but decreasing one’s intake also.
      Try to cut down on carbos especially rice. For the next 2 week, decrease your rice to 1/2 cup per meal, on the next 2 weeks, remove rice during dinner and eat your ulam with just lettuce or cabbage. On the final 2 weeks, remove rice in all meals.
      It would also help to take ampalaya plus capsule 1 capsule before each meal.

  24. dyosa says:

    hi po , me tanong sana ako pero , nahihiya ako kasi baka ma public yung tanong ko .. . doc, sana po mabigyan nyo ako ng pansin . salamat. =)

    • filipinamd says:

      You may post questions here or email them. Lahat tayo may problema, walang taong perfecto. This is not a place for judging or thinking bad of other people. i created this site to help people who do not know where to go or whom to talk to. My site administrator bans people who sends malicious and hurtful comments.

  25. jan says:

    hi doc,

    can you please tell me the differences of the birth control pills and their negative effects, im using pills for about a year and a half now, and been wondering which will have more positive effects with complexion with lesser negative effect. Some says diane could increase your bust line , is it true?


    • filipinamd says:

      All pills are for contraception pero only a few brands help imrove the skin. Examples are Althea, Diane and Gracial.

      • jan says:

        which is better with these pills?

        • filipinamd says:

          Currently there have been some alarming reports of increased cases of blood clots with Yasmin and Yaz pills. I would suggest Althea pills because it is 2-in-1, its a contraceptive, as well as, an anti-acne pills. And the best thing is, its cheaper than other brands.

  26. Chona Santiago says:

    hello doc.first time ko po mag take ng pills diane35. may 1 – 6 ang last mens. Sabi po ng obgyne ko is hnd pa kaagad safe and wait for 2 weeks for unprotected sex. naka 4th take pa lang ako ng pill and on the 5th day unprotected sex na kami. advice ng obgyne ko ulet is just stop the pill and wait for the next period to come. so, nag stop muna ako sa pill but im always worried na baka ma-get pregnant ulet ako kahit 3 yeard old pa lang ang anak namin.
    Dati na po akong nagtext sa mobile nyo pero si doc ranny na daw po ang gumagamit and that time out of the country kayo, nahesitate na po ulet akong kumontact. hope mawala na ang worry ko by your advice. thank you.

    • filipinamd says:

      Tama yung doctor mo, dapat maka 7-10 tablets ka muna bago kayo mag contact. So kung hindi pa 7-10 days, mag condom muna kayo. Mahirap magka baby kung hindi pa kayo handa.

  27. trisha says:

    good day ask ko lng po if safe po ba na uminum ng pills 8hrs after ng mate?kdrting lng po kc ng husband ko at first time ko lng mg try ng pills but i take the first tab after nmin mag mate dat day???…d pa po kc kmi ready for a second baby.??safe po ba un khit d sya ngwidrawal???tnx…god bless

    • filipinamd says:

      No, taking pills after contact is not safe. pwedeing mabuo pa rin ang baby pero maaaring magka-diperensya. Withdrawal is not effective. Maraming nabubuntis sa withdrawal. Please use the condom pagbiglang umuuwi ang mister mo, pero the best is take the pills 7-10 days bago magtalik para siguradong safe ka.

  28. rolyn says:

    hi doc, c rolyn po ito uli, salamat po sa advice, sumulat po ako sa ‘yo may 7, at my mens pa, huminto ito 2-3days ago lang , kahapon sana papunta na ako sa ob ko for pap smear kase wala nang dugo kaya lang nung midnight kahapon bumalik cya ulit,d ko akalain na babalik ito this early dahil b4 mag 15 days pa bago cya bumalik ung spot spot ko. i just read ur reply dahil na bz kami out of town sa province, so ung advice mo doc ay mag tatake ako ng pills kahit anong brand, so ngayon doc na nag spot na uli ako hihintayin ko munang mag stop ito (at ewan ko kung kelan mg stop) bago ako mg take ng pills? pls advice, maraming salamat doc. sana hindi po kayo nakukulitan sa akin..

  29. rolyn says:

    hi doc, c rolyn po ito uli, salamat po sa advice, sumulat po ako sa ‘yo may 7, at my mens pa, huminto ito 2-3days ago lang , kahapon sana papunta na ako sa ob ko for pap smear kase wala nang dugo kaya lang nung midnight kahapon bumalik cya ulit,d ko akalain na babalik ito this early dahil b4 mag 15 days pa bago cya bumalik ung spot spot ko. i just read ur reply dahil na bz kami out of town sa province, so ung advice mo doc ay mag tatake ako ng pills kahit anong brand, so ngayon doc na nag spot na uli ako hihintayin ko munang mag stop ito (at ewan ko kung kelan mg stop) bago ako mg take ng pills? pls advice, maraming salamat doc.

    • filipinamd says:

      Dahil medyo magulo na ang regla mo, take pills NOW. Maaayos din yang ng kusa around the 2nd or the 3rd box of pills. Try Althea pills, nakakaganda pa ito ng kutis.

      • rolyn says:

        doc, maraming salamat po sa inyong advise, malaking tulong talaga ung advise mo atleast lumuluwag na po ng kaunti ang dibdib ko, e try ko po ung pills, salamat talaga at god bless po…

  30. debby says:

    dear doc, mahihiya sana akong magtanong sa iyo pero kapalan ko na lang talaga pagmumukha ko. lalo po bang makakasama or lalong tumubo ba ung myoma pag nag dadrugs like minsan gumagamit po ako ng methamphetamine hydro chloride (shabu). yung myoma ko po ay below 5cm. makaka affect po ba ito sa myoma ko, sabi ng friend ko baka daw dahil sa stress. sana hindi ka magalit sa tanong ko salamat doc.

    • filipinamd says:

      Kahit saang libro or journal ako mag-research, walang information sa effect ng shabu on myoma. Marahil ay hindi ito maaaring i-testing sa laboratory dahil ipinagbabawal na gamot ito.
      Honestly speaking, kung ikaw ay gumagamit ng shabu, your myoma is the least of your problems. Dapat yata ay katakutan mo ay ang pagkasira ng other major organs like the liver and brain. Maraming kaso ngayon ng Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia dahil sa paggamit ng bawal na gamot.
      Di ako nagagalit…nag-aalala lang para sa kalusugan and kinabukasan mo.

  31. letletC says:

    Hi Doc, ask ko lang po kung ano ang common early signs of pregnancy?

    • filipinamd says:

      Iba-iba ang early signs of pregnancy. Siyempre dapat maka-miss ka ng perod mo. Ang iba nakakaramdam ng nausea, vomiting, dizziness, bloating, etc. pero pinaka accurate ang pag pregnancy test and ultrasound para malaman kung buntis ka nga.

  32. jhemzie says:

    hi po doc tanong ko lang po save po ba ang paggamit ng pills khit my mens ka?
    kasi po umabot na po ng 2 weeks halos ang mens ko pero wala naman po masakit sakin anu po kaya ito?epekto po ba ng pills ito

    • filipinamd says:

      Yes safe mag pills kahit may regla. Kung nakaubos ka na ng 3 kahon at mahaba pa rin ang regla mo, palitan mo na ang brand mo, baka hindi ka hiyang. Try Althea pills, gaganda pa ang kutis mo.

  33. Rodolfo S Domaoal says:

    Gud PM po mam. Ask ko lang po need po advice nyo. Ganito po yun. Ung GF kopo nag start ng mens po sya ng April 3, natapos po ang mens nya ng 8. Nagtalik po kami ng May 3, safe po ba yung May 3 na nagtalik kami?need po advice nyo kung safe po yun.

    • filipinamd says:

      April 3 = Day 1 of cycle
      FERTILE days are Day 7-25 (rough estimate lang ito, bawat babae ay pa-iba-iba) = April 9-27
      May 3 = nag-contact kayo = Day 31 na ito….malamang di na siya fertile dahil malapit na siyang reglahin.

      Advice ko lang sa inyo, kung hindi handa ang kalooban niyo at bulsa ninyo na magsimula ng pamilya, HUWAG kayo mag-depend sa calendar or rhythm method. Pwede lang ito kung sobrang regular ang babae at conscious siya sa changes ng katawan niya. Gumamit kayo ng condom or pills. Ang Trust pills ay P35.00 lang bawat isang pakete na may lamang 28 tablets na.

      Siyempre ang abstinence ang pinakatamang paraan upang hindi magbuntis ng wala sa panahon.

      Doc D

  34. Miss says:

    Hi po doc! 1st tym po AKO iinom ng pills at Diane po siya .sb dw po 1stday po ng mens ko iinumin ask ko LNG po kelan po safe time mg sex pg na inom ko na po siya? Hnihntay ko pa po kc ang 1stday mens ko bgo ko pa po siya inumin.

    • filipinamd says:

      Sa first box mo, take the first tablet on the first day of your period. Take one tablet everyday hanggang maubos mo ang 21 tablets. Tapos 7 days kang walang iinumin. Usually dun sa 3rd or 4th day na wala kang iniinum doon dadating ang regla mo. Wag mo ito pansinin. Basta 7 days kang walang iinumin. On the 8th day, start a new box of pills. Basta mula ngayon, 21 days may iniinom kang tablet at 7 days wala kang iniinom na tablet. Ganun lang ang susundin mong cycle. Wag mo na pansinin ang regla mo. Safe ka lang makipag-contact kapag naubos mo na ang first 7 tablets ng first box. Sa susunod na mga araw at buwan, lagi ka nang safe basta hindi mo nakakalimutan ang pills.

      Doc D

  35. mitch says:

    hi doc how are u po,2yrs npo kmi ksal ni hubby ko,ofw po kmi dalawa,umuwi po ako ng pinas paa mkaphinga mkapgpchkup,meron po akong (polycstis ovarian syndrome )at the sametym hypotyroidsm n din,umiinum po aq ng metformin and folic acid,at mgtatake n din ng duphaston,doc mgkaka baby p po b ako,my chance po b?tnx po Godbless

    • filipinamd says:

      Mahirap magbigay ng 100% na sagot sa tanong mo. Of course, lahat ng tao, kahit may polycystic ay may pagasang magka-baby. Kailangan lang ay matiyaga at regular ang check up mo sa doctor para maalagaan ka ng mabuti. Sa susunod na uwi mo, magpatingin kayo sa Infertility doctor para matulungan kayo.

      Doc D

  36. Dyosa says:

    Good afternoon pod Doc, . . Doc tanong ko lang po kung pwede po ba din mag take ang lalaki ng diane35?, pra po pa wala ng acne, pimples at dark spots. ok lang po ba yun?

    • filipinamd says:

      Diane or Althea is a contraceptive pill with the hormone estrogen and the anti-acne cyproterone. If a male takes Diane or Althea, gaganda nga ang kutis niya pero di natin alam ang effect ng estrogen sa breast ng lalaki. Baka ito pa ang maging sanhi ng Breast Cancer sa lalaki.

      Doc D

  37. thess b. says:

    doc, thank you very much po.

  38. J.O says:

    Hi doc.

    27 yrs old n po ako bkt po yung meanstraution ko ng kikita on the same month. example po last month po nagka period ako april 30 till may 5 tpos po nagka period nanaman ako may 28. irregular po ba yung meanstraution ko?

    • filipinamd says:

      Regular ka pa rin.
      Para malaman kung regular ang isang babae, bilangin ang unang araw ng regla hanggang sa susunod na unang araw ng susunod na cycle. Kung ang pagitan ay nasa 21-35 days, normal ka.

  39. J.O says:

    hi doc. ask ko lang po kung adviseable po n ngpa papsmear ako single po ako pero my contact kami ng bf ko.

    • filipinamd says:

      Ang pap smear ay test para malaman kung may early signs ka of cervical cancer.
      Ang cervical cancer ay galing sa virus na nakukuha sa pakikipag talik.
      Kahit single ka pero nakipagtalik ka na, meron ka nang chance magka-cervical cancer. Dapat ka nang magpa pap smear every year.

      Pero tandaan ninyo na ang pap smear ay TESTING lamang para sa cancer. Hindi ito ang solution.

      Dalawa lang ang solution para hindi magka cervical cancer:
      No. 1: Magpa-bakuna laban sa cervical cancer OR
      No.2: Never have sex

      Mamili ka…

  40. Andrew Araneta says:

    Doc tanong lang po!
    Nung una nagkaron po ng parang dandruff un singit qo tinanong q po un ate sbe nia an an daw so bumili po ako ng gamot ung ketoconazole cream nawala po ung kate nung makatatlong araw po akong gamet tinigil q n din po ang paggagamot makaraan po ang ilan araw e makati nanaman po hinayaan q n lan po at kinamot akala q po kc e gagaling un basta makaraan po ang ilang linggo e d pa din po nagaling so bumili po ako ng katialis mahigit isang linggo q pong ginamot after po nun sbe q parang walang pagbabago binigyan po ako ng tita q ng bonil nung nilagay q n po nung hapon ang hapdi po tatlong araw q po gnamit tapos po ay medyo may namumula sa panabi nito at makati so tinigil q po ng makatatlong araw n po ako tapos po bumili po ulit ako nung ketoconazole cream at pinahid po nung una akala q po ay aus pero lalo pong nadami tatlong araw q din po ginamit tapos ay bumili po ako ng canesten pinahid q po. Tapos nung gabe nagpainet po ako ng tubig na may asin at ibinuhos po dun sa hadhad q nakatatlong gamet lan po aq nun kc po sobrang hapdi at after that medyo ok na po bigla pong nagtubuan sa 2 braso q at buong katawan at ang kati kati tpos pag kinamot po ay namamantal hanggang ngaun po e uminom po ako ng celestamine apat na araw n po e tinigil q n po ano po kaya ito.makati po at pulang pula ang buo qng katawan

    • filipinamd says:

      PLease see a dermatologist for rashes that are not responding to over-the-counter medications.

  41. juvy says:

    hi doc.. ask ko lng po kung bakit po ngkaron ako ng monthly period ngayon pero 15days n po. until now meron pa po. bale uminum po ko ng yasmin n pills cmula po nung magstart mens ko. ngayon lang po kase ako ngkaganito.. dati po hanggang 6days lang.. salamat po..

    • filipinamd says:

      Observe mo muna for 3 boxes. Kung mahaba pa rin ang menses mo while on Yasmin, it means hindi ka hiyang. You may shift to another brand like Althea.

  42. rolyn says:

    hi doc, ako ulit ito c rolyn. sana hindi ka makulitan hehehe, nagreply ka sa akin noong may25, nag advice ka nang althea pills sa akin dahil magulo na ang mens ko dahil sa 3.3cm na myoma ko. nabasa ko doc ung reply mo may 30, bibili na sana ako ng althea pills kaso na noticed ko na end of the month na pala if i may remember hindi ako nagkaroon ng 3 days mens ko na normal kasi sabi ko sa 1st letter ko na ung mens ko hanggang 15 days pero 12days nun ay spot spot lang at may 3days talaga na ung regular na lakas ng mens ko. ngayon doc parang may something akong na feel na iba sa katawan ko bumili kami ng pregnancy test at positive po ang resulta gusto ko talagang magka baby ulit pero natakot po ako dahil sabi ng doc f mabubuntis daw ako lalaki daw ang myoma ko mix emotion po ang na fefeel ko happy ako na magkababy ulit pero natakot din po ako baka mahihirapan ako. doc ok lang po bang magbuntis ako? ano kayang mangyayari sa myoma ko at baby ko habang lumalaki siya sa tiyan ko,at isa pa may 2.5cm akong cyst sa right ovary hindi ba yun makaapekto sa pagbubuntis ko? pls advice me doc, haping happy ako talaga ako pero at the same time may mga pangamba. pls doc tulungan mo ako. maraming salamat talaga doc.

    • filipinamd says:

      Ang myoma ay hindi makakasama sa baby mo. Yes, lalaki ang myoma during pregnancy pero liliit din ito after mo manganak.
      Blessing yang baby mo!
      Imagine ang daming taong gustong magka baby at kahit anong gamot ang ibigay ko ay hindi nabubuntis. Eh ikaw may bukol ka na nga sa matris and ovary, nabuntis ka pa rin. Swerte yan!

  43. blossom says:

    hi doc! ask ko po sana kung ung althea po ba nakaka tulong sa hypothyroidism kc hormones din naman po ang althea . sabi po sa utz ng thyroid ko may nodule daw po ako 1.6mm .. niresatahan po ko ng levothyroxine 25mcg for almost a week tas balik dw po ko after 2weeks e kaso until now d pa po ko nbalik . siguro lagpas 1month na . pano un doc? nbsa ko po kc na ang body odor is may kinalaman din sa thyroid problems and hormonal imbalance . kc ngpa general check up na po ko sa thyroid lng tlga may prob. kya ask ko dn po kng nakakatulong po ba ung althea sa hypothyroidism khit may nodule po ako . doc sana mag reply ka po . thank u po in advance.

    • filipinamd says:

      Your problem is Hypothyroidism. This means kulang ka sa thyroid hormones. You have to take thyroid hormones also as a replacement. Althea is not a thyroid hormone. It has ovarian hormones. Magkaiba yun.

  44. @lloyd says:

    Good afternoon Doc, positive na po ba ako sa Hepa? kasi nagkaka back pain, namamanhid din yong right shoulder at kanan tagiliran ko nanakit din, nagpapacheck-up na ako sa doctor two times vitamins at pain reliever ang pinapainum sakin at walang changes doc sa two weeks kong pag inum ng gamot, sumasakit parin right shoulder at kanan tagiliran ko doc, ang inaalala ko yong bata 5 years old dito sa bahay nakaroon din kasi sya ng simtomas katulad sa akin.

    Thanks Doc And God Bless : )

    • filipinamd says:

      Hepatitis is a serious disease. It can lead to cancer of the liver. Please see a gastroenterologist. May mga gamot na ngayon para sa hepa and kailangan magpa vaccine lahat ng kasambahay mo para wag sila mahawa.

  45. jobelle says:

    hi gud eve doc im jobelle 26yo ask ko lang po sna bakit plage sumasakit left ovary ko sa tuwing may menstration ako umaabot ng 3-4 days bago mawala yung sakit iniinuman ko po siya ng (midol) to make me feel better. sabi po ng ibang friends ko masama daw yung palagi ko iniinuman ng gamot kapag sumasakit siya may possibility daw akong mbaog. totoo po ba yun? isa papo sa problema ko hanggang ngayon ay wala pa rin kaming baby ng asawa ko. nag try na rin po ako magpa check up sa obgyne nag papsmear at vaginal ultrasound napo ako . ang nkalagay po sa result ko normal uterus, normal vagina. sure naman po ako na walang problema sa asawa ko dahil may baby napo siya sa una niyang asawa. ano po kailngan kong gawin para lang magkababy napo kami? kaya po ba ko hindi mabuntis dahil sa paginom ko palagi ng gamot sa tuwing nahihirapan ako mag regla? sana po matulungan niyo po ako. salamat po doc.

    • filipinamd says:

      It’s not true that pain medications will cause infertility.
      Monthly pain during menstruation could be a sign of endometriosis. This disease can cause blocked tubes.
      I suggest you undergo a hysterosalpingogram para makita kung hindi barado ang tubes mo.

  46. Sheryl Hermosa says:

    Good Day Doc!

    may PCS po ako then nag take po ako ng metformin and clomid then luckily i got pregnant. Planning for TVS para malaman ang heartbeat ng baby.. Ask ko lang po tama po bang itinigil ko ang pag take ng metformin 500mg tab 3 x a day? advise po yun ng OB k. pero may nabasa po ako sa internet na may PCOS din pero nung nagbuntis sya hindi pina stp ng OB nya yung metformin kasi daw makaka affect daw sa baby. Is it true? bakit magkakaiba ang advice ng mga OB? Please help me..

    • filipinamd says:

      Ang latest advice is you can continue metformin until 12 weeks to make sure the insulin resistance will not affect the pregnancy during the organ development period.

  47. kulit says:

    ,.Hi po Doc. ako po c kulit 21year old tanong ko lang po Panu po ba malibis na paraan para mabuntis ang babae!!gusto na po kase ng asawa ko na magkabhaby po kame!!and tanong ko na rin po iregular po kase ako 1month po akong hindi nagkakaroon pero 2ng nagdaan month po ehh naging regular yung period ko.may epekto po ba yung hindi ko po pagkakaroon ng 1month kaya hindi po ako mabuntis,..sana po mabigyan nyo po ako ng payo..thanks po and More pOwer..=)

    • filipinamd says:

      Kung 1 year na kayoing nagsisiping ni Mister and hinsi ka pa rin nabubuntis, baka may problema nga kayo.
      I suggest that you do a vaginal ultrasound and si Mister magpa sperm count.

  48. alejandro says:

    gud evening doc.

    Doc 20 yrs. old na po ako .. Doc ok lng po ba mag take ako ng men hormones enhancement pills? .. .kasi po doc medyo concious ako sa katawan ko doc ,kasi hindi masyado nag mature yung katawan ko doc, pra bang late bloomer doc . . magpapa recomend po sana ako doc, kung dpat ba akong mag take nang mga ganun doc . . . dpat po ba Doc?

    • filipinamd says:

      Kung 20 years old ka na and wala ka pang male features, I suggest you see a doctor for a hormone test. Baka meron kang hormonal problem. You cannot just take male hormones without a doctor’s supervision because it can cause problems in the prostate.

  49. marie celle chio says:

    goodday po dok me isasangguni lng po ako meron po kc akong fren she is 33 yers old last month po sumakit ung likod nya at may nakapa po siyang bukol sa gitna po ng dibdib malapit sa left breast po at akala nya simpleng pilay or muscle pain but few days ago napnsin nya po na parang lumalaki po ung bukol paghinawakan po siya masakit dw po ano po ba pwedeng gawin at san po siya pwede magpakonsulta po…salamat sana dok masagot nyo po ang aking katanungan…..more power


    • filipinamd says:

      Kung bukol sa breast or dibdib, dap at siyang magpa check up sa General or Breast Surgeon. Maaari siyang magpa-breast ultrasound muna para hindi siya pabalik balk sa doctor.

  50. dyosa says:

    gud evening po doc,

    Doc tanong ko lng po kung para saan yung pynocare at NNO(nourishment care)? .. .

    • filipinamd says:

      Pynocare ay pangpa-puti in an oral form. Ibig sabihin hindi mo na kailangan magpahid ng whitening pero you still have to apply sunblock. The ingredients are the ff: French maritime pine bark extract, vitamin C, dunaliella salina extract, carotenoids and vitamin E.
      Some people note the ff. side effects:
      Mood changes, decreased energy levels, diarrhea, allergic reactions.

  51. kuLit17 says:

    ,.hi po Doc, tanong ko lang po pano po ba mabilis na paraan para mabuntis agad!22years old na po ako!!and 25 na po yung asawa ko ehh gusto na po namin magkababy ehh,tanong ko na rin po iregular po kase period ko ng 1month as in 1month lang po.pero nag taka po ako kase tong nagdaan na month naging regular naman po sya!!may kinalaman po ba yung pagiging iregular ko kaya hindi po ako mabuntis!!nagtanong na rin po ako d2 yung june7 kaso hindi ko po makita yung reply nyo..doc sana po masagot nyo po yung mga tanong ko..thanks po..

    • filipinamd says:

      Kung 1-2x a year ka lang nagskiskip ng regla mo, normal pa yun. It is called abnormal or irregular kung less than 4x a year ka kung mag regla. Kung mahigit 1 year na kayong nagsisiping and wala pa ring baby, then I suggest that you do a vaginal ultrasound and your husband should do a sperm count.

      • kuLit17 says:

        ,.salamat po Doc.Wori po kase ako sa period ko!!ahMm wala pa nama pong 1year kame ng husband ko na nagsisiping cOz busy nga po sya sa work!!minsan lang po kame magkasama stay-In po sya sa Work..thank you so much po..Doc
        ,.i am stiLL hoping and pray po

  52. Thess B. says:

    doc, good afternoon po. May mga bawal po bang pagkain sa may cyst at myoma? ano po mga paagakin ang dapat iwasan at dapat kainin? Salamat po.

    • filipinamd says:

      Ang myoma ay lumalaki dahil sa hormonal stimulation. Napapansin ko na pag menopause na ang babae at wala na siyang estrogen, lumiliit ng kusa ang myoma. So advise ko ay iwasan ang mga pagkain na may phytoestrogen or plant estrogen. Examples are: soy, tofu, tokwa, soymilk. Avoid also food high in fat like fried foods, beef and oily foods. Fat in the body is converted to estrogen. So kung marami kang fat sa body, marami ka ring estrogen, lalong lalaki ang myoma mo.

  53. aihszah says:

    hi poh ask ko lang poh last april patak patak lang po mens ko dapat po may 7 dating ng regla ko pero hindi po aq dinatnan may 16 ng pt po aq negative…until now wla pa po regla ko..regular po aq..ng pt po aq khapon still neg. worried n po aq kasi po lumalaki tyan ko..para daw aq buntis sv ng mga nkakakita skin…help nman po oh…thankz poh…

    • filipinamd says:

      Kung negative ang preg test mo, hindi ka nga buntis. Maybe hormonal imbalance lang yan. Minsan dahil sa stress or puyat and pagod. Observe mo muna. Kung 3 months ka nang walang regla, magpa ultrasound ka na. Baka may iba ka nang sakit at hindi lang dahil sa stress.

    • filipinamd says:

      Observe mo muna. If 3 months ka nang walang regla, then I suggest you do a vaginal ultrasound. Baka meron kang polycystic ovary.

      • aihszah says:

        thanks poh…

      • aihszah says:

        hi doc aq po ulit may nkalimutan po pala ako itanong sign po ba ng PCOS ang mataas na blood pressure lgi po kasi mataas BP q…tas pag gv po pag nhiga n aq lagi po aq nasusuka…

  54. Rychem says:

    Gud day po…ask qo lng po doc kung pwd na aqng mgpaultrasound kh8 po di pa aq ngtatry mgPT…kz 3 months na aqng di dinadatnan last period qo po feb. 25 pa po

  55. darling says:

    good am doc. i got my transvaginal ultrasound result yesterday as requested by an ob na nilapitan ko. however, im so worried, ala pa naman sya clinic today to interpret. i hope i can get your opinion about this dra. impressions sa transV are: 1. intramural myoma (if it is the lobulated hypoechoic solid mass mentioned sa findngs, measured 18.7 x 19.4 x 14.9 mm daw po)seen in the uterus. 2. thick endometrium (from findings says endomtrial stripe echogenic and has 9.2 mm thickness). 3. Nabothian cyst (if it is sa cervix? sa findings may nabanggit po na small anechoic cyst). 4. Normal ovaries. what prompted me to consult an ob was yung mense ko po kasi this june started june 3 PM and until june 16, medyo malakas po until the said OB gave me Hemostan and recommended me a transV.. this morning, medyo halos wala na naman po bleeding.. makukuha po kaya sa oral meds ang problem ko na to kung meron man.. very afraid po kasi ako to undergo procedures.. need your help and advice doc.. salamat po.. god bless.

    • filipinamd says:

      Nothing to worry about. Your myoma is only 1.9 cms, the endoemtrium is slightly thick and nabothian cysts are harmless. Observe your period. If it is still strong for the next 3 months then I suggest that you start the oill just to regulate the amount of bleeding. Start taking iron supplements while observing.

  56. ashley says:

    hai po may tanong lang po ako ,nag tataka kc ako bat sobrang aga ng buwanang dalaw ko. ganito po yun nag take po ako ng lady pills nong buwan ng mayo ,bali anim na buwan na po ako gumagamit ng pilss. ang dalaw ko nag start ay may26 at nag end ito ng may30.. mga may31 at june 1 nag sex po kami ng bf ko at nag take po ako ulit ng pills nung 31,1 at 2 kaso nag decide po ako na e stop nlang kc pupunta na yung bf ko sa manila tapos na ulit na naman ung sex namin nong 3 at 4 hindi na po ako nag take nyan ng pills nag withdraw nlang yung bf ko..kaso nag tataka po ako kc nong june6 my mens po ako medjo malakas lakas sya pero nag tagal lang po sya ng 2days..nalilito po ako..ano po ibig sabihin nyan?may posebiledad ba na buntis ako?plz help me po ..thank you !

    • filipinamd says:

      Yung bleeding mo ay withdrawal bleeding dahil nag stop ka mag pills. Maaaring maging magulo muna ang regla mo for the next 2-3 months dahil nag-aadjust pa ang katawan mo sa walang pills.

  57. Franz says:

    Hi good day doc! Im 30 y/o expecting my 2nd baby, im now at around 29-30wks aog. My concern is sometimes when i urinate theres white debris floating minsan may parang white mucous na kasama also na notice ko na 3x parang may oil film ung urine. I had a urinalysis and normal nman daw po yung result sbi ng ob ko. 1 month n po last urinalysis ko, do i have to do it again? Naprapraning na po ako kasi everytime i pee i check my urine. Normal po ba yun or sa mga vitamins na tinetake ko like calciumade, hemarate, obmin. 3 mos ko na po napansin to sa urine ko now na pregnant ako. Thank you po sa pagbasa nitong concern ko. Hope makareply kayo.

    • filipinamd says:

      Yes, urine is normally hazy sometimes. The reasons may be due to dehydration, too much calcium intake (make sure 1,200 mg a day only), or the urine may be admixed with the vaginal discharge. All pregnant women have a lot of vaginal discharge called lochia. This is normal and it may get mixed up with your urine.
      As long as there is no pain when you pee, you are fine. Just do a repeat urinalysis around 35-36 weeks to prepare you for delivery.
      Good luck!

  58. darling says:

    thanks very much dra. i returned to the OB yesterday. she told me to continue Hemostan until bleeding completely ends and when it’s gone, to start Provera. however, she did not give me iron supplement meds. likewise, she told me to have routine transV to observe the myoma and requires me to have Pap smear once the bleeding ends. at the moment, my bleeding is really subsiding. you are a big help dra. thank you very much and god bless you more..

  59. cutee says:

    gud pm..may 25-27 mens ko,is der a chance na mabuntis ako on may 28-june 1? irregular ang mens ko.. every month po ako ngkakameron, iba iba lang po ang cycle ko.. minsan every 30 days,40 days, 32…etc.. & now my feeling ako na parang rereglahin, masakit ang puson, breast.. rereglahin ba nga kaya ako, o pwedeng buntis din? we want to have baby na po kc. my husband is abroad… salamat po.

  60. HI DOC?

    • filipinamd says:

      please read my blog on “Polycystic Ovary”. I have a long and complete explanation there.

      • catalina says:

        hello po good day, ,ask ko lang po kung ano ang epekto ng pag gamit araw-araw ng pantyliner?
        ..at saka po ano po ba ang dapat i-take na tablet pang pataba?paki reply naman po dito sa email q


        hintay ko po ang sagot,thank you

        • filipinamd says:

          Hindi dapat naka-pantyliner araw araw. Ito ay masama sa vagina dahil hindi “nakakahingga” ang vagina. Lalo itong magugustahan ng bacteria na tumutubo sa mainit na environment. Maaari lang mag pantyliner sa mga araw ng taghabol na regla or araw na may white discharge. Sa mga araw na wala naman discharge, huwag na magpantyliner.
          Subukan mo uminom ng Moriamin Forte pangpataba.

  61. catalina says:

    ask ko din po ulit ,bakit po yung means ko minsan ang lumalabas na blood kunti lang at sometimes naman po marami. . hindi po ba normal ang menstruation ko?at ok lang po ba maligo pag my menstruation?
    at saka bakiy po pagnaliligo ako tumitigil ang regla ko?

    • filipinamd says:

      Iba-iba ang daloy ng regla buwan buwan. Basta hindi ito lulampas ng 5 napkin sa isang araw mas okay pa nga ang konti ang regla kaysa sa malakas.
      Tumutigil ang labas ng regla pagnaliligo at pag nagsi-swimming. yan any dahil sa malakas na water pressure na mas malakas kaysa sa pressure ng paglakas ng regla. Ang paglabas ng menstruation ay walang pressure, ito ay dahil sa gravity lamang.

  62. aihszah says:

    hi doc aq po ulit may nkalimutan po pala ako itanong sign po ba ng PCOS ang mataas na blood pressure lgi po kasi mataas BP q…tas pag gv po pag nhiga n aq lagi po aq nasusuka…

  63. anna carmen says:

    hi doc, gud am… gusto ko po malaman ang effect ng alkaline s human body sa araw araw na paginum nito.. my mga nagsasabi po kasi n ito ay nakakasama may ilan din nmang nagsasabi n maganda s kalusugan… napawi ho kasi ang sakit ng aking paa ng minsan akong uminum nito na mtagal ko ng iniinda s twing ako ay maglalakad… nais ko ho sanang ipagpatuloy ang paginum ng alkaline ngunit di ako nakakasigurado kung ito ay may masamang epekto s mahabang period ng paginum… nawa po ako ay inyong matulungan..salamat po. and god bless..

    • filipinamd says:

      Tama ang mga sinulat mo. Maging sa aking pag-research, may mga research na nagsasabi na OK ang alkaline water. May iba naman na sinasabi na this is not the natural balance of the body. Ang paniniwala ko ay, basta gumaganda ang pakiramdam ng pasyente then ituloy mo ito.
      Kulang pa ang scientific evidence para mai-recommend ito ng mga doctor.

  64. najmah palala says:

    hi doc si naj to anu po ba dapat inumin na gamot para mbuntis na ako agad kc 4 yrs na po kme nag asawa ko pero wala parin actualy may cyst ako sa ovaries left and right pero hangang negeon hindi pa nawawala sana paki sagot ynx

    • filipinamd says:

      I suggest na magpa ultrasound ka ulit and see an OB. Baka ang mga cyst mo ang rason bakit di ka nabubuntis.

  65. najmah palala says:

    hi doc anu po ba dapat gawen at inumen para mawala un cyst ko at manormal un mens ko

  66. najmah palala says:

    makakatolong ba ang MX3 capsole para mawala un pcso ko nag mabilis at un provera ba ay manormal niya un menstruation cyle at un metformin gamot po ba un para madaling mawala un PCSO ko sana po masagot nyo
    at ipa messege nyo nlang sa fb ko wag sa comment salamat po

    • filipinamd says:

      I don’t know what are the contents of MX3.
      Provera is a hormone to regulate your cycle.
      Metformin can help women with PCOS to ovulate.

  67. jash says:

    hi doc im naj 4yrs na po kme nag husband ko pero hangan ngeon wala pa rin kmeng baby anu po bang gamot para mawala ang PCSO ko aun provera ba ay gamot para manormal un menstruation cyle at un metformin ba ay gamot para dun at MX3 po ba na makakagamot para mawala un cyst ko at paanu manormal un hormones ko at sana po masagot nyo ??? e masege nyo nalang sa fb ko hinthin ko po sagot nyo….

  68. rona says:

    ra.hello po first time ko po dito..gusto ko sana malaman kung ok lang po ba uminom ng ibang vitamins like gloww,methatione and conzace habang nga dadianepills po? mahilig din po ako mag greentea..sana po mapansin po ninyo ito, maraming salamat po..ano po ba ang mga bawal kapag nagpipills?

    • filipinamd says:

      Metathione and Conzace are good supplements.
      Unfortunately, I do not know what are the ingredients of Gloww.
      Green tea and vitamins are safe to drink with pills.

  69. mheann26 says:

    hi doc.newbie po ask ko lang po i have a baby now 3 month na sya and breastfeeding ako at after 3month i give birth nagkaroon na ko ngayon it’s possible?sabi nila almost 6month bago magkaroon dahil breastfeeding?salamat po.god bless you

    • filipinamd says:

      Kung may regla ka na at 3 months while breastfeeding, it means hindi ka madalas mag breastfeed. Try to breastfeed every 2-4 hours and make sure the milk is drained or totally ubos. Sa ngayon, dahil may regla ka na, pwede ka nang mabuntis so please use the condom or magpa-injectable ka dahil bawal pa ang pills sa iyo.

  70. mheann26 says:

    cs po ako doc.hindi na ako doc nakakapagtake ng hemerade and calcuim.after nitong mens mag pap mers ako.ano po bang ?agandang pills?me pills po ba nakakapayat?salamat po

    • filipinamd says:

      Start taking Hemarate once a day and Calciumade twice a day while you are breastfeeding.
      Do your pap smear every year, maybe on your birthday para hindi mo makalimutan.
      The only pills na may side-effect ng pagpayat are brands that contain Drosperinone. There are two brands to choose from: Yasmin and Yaz. Try which one is more hiyang sa iyo.

  71. sweetie says:


    magtatanong lang po ako about implantation bleeding & menstruation..
    June 22 nag bleed po, my brown spot lang po nung morning, then after few hours lumakas na po na parang regular mens, until nyt po yun then 2nd day, medyo humina na ang blood at nung gabi ay hnd ko na kinailangan pa mag napkin, kc halos wala na tlga..unlike before my 2nd day ay malakas tlga until nyt… then third day patak patak na lang, eh usually need ko pa din magnapkin during 3rd day.. ano kaya ito, implantation bleeding, o mens? usually din po kc hnd nadating ng mas maaga ang mens ko,.. expected ko pa dating is on june 25-28.. eh now napaaga, june 22..help po.. salamat..