What is the Best Prenatal Vitamin?

When a woman gets pregnant, there is a corresponding increase in nutritional requirements from total calories to protein and fat intake to vitamins.



From a baseline of 2,000 calories a day, she needs additional 300 calories to sustain the growing baby inside.

The total intake should be divided into protein 20%, fat 30% and carbohydrate 50%.

As for the vitamins, there is not only one best brand.

There are a lot to choose from.

Make sure the brand you choose has the following:

                        Vit A 800 mcg

                        Vit C 80 mg

                        Folic Acid (B9) 600 mcg

                        Calcium 800 mg

                        Iron 30 mg

                        Vitamin D 5 mcg

                        Vit E 12 mg

                        Vit B6 1.9 mg

                        Vit B12 2.6 mcg


Many of the vitamin preparations in the market right now lack the necessary amount of calcium which is important for your baby’s bones and teeth.

Therefore, you might have to take a separate calcium tablet or high-calcium milk.

I prefer that they drink 2 glasses of their chosen prenatal milk.

If you look at the nutritional contents of the prenatal formula, 2 glasses can supply the necessary requirements that I mentioned above plus the additional benefit of fiber, DHA, proteins and fatty acids which are not found when taking vitamins in tablet form.

Live healthy! Live happy!

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