Mithra Intim Gel, a wonder drug to treat vaginal dryness and “fishy” odor down there has been phased out in the Philippines but is still available in other countries

Mithra Intim which is a miracle gel to solve vaginal dryness, recurrent vaginal discharge and foul odor has been phased by the local distributor, Takeda. It is, however, still available in most other countries.

The reason is increasing cost of production from their overseas supplier.

It is really a shame that such a good product is unavailable because it solves so many of women’s problems. There is no other product in the market available right now with the same use as  Mithra Intim.

I certainly hope the distributors will reconsider.

An alternative would be Replens or Refresh, which are equally as difficult to find here in the Philippines.


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  1. sue says:

    It’s really frustrating how some effective medications and even dental supplies have been phased out. :/ worse is some of them are being replaced by cheap but less effective products.

    • filipinamd says:

      Mithra was such a good drug to prevent vaginal infection. But i think the market demand was too low so the company stopped importing it. You may order from your friends who live in Dubai or Malaysia.

  2. Jane says:

    Is mithra intim available at your clinic?

    • filipinamd says:

      Sorry, no more. Takeda Philippines has stopped importing it.
      Some patients order from Dubai or Malaysia.