Being A Full-time Mom Can Make You Sick

Choosing to be a mother is a noble choice. It’s a 24-7 job with no day-offs, no under time, no sick leaves.


Upon waking up in the morning, she prepares breakfast, the family’s baon, uniforms, school bag of the kids, office bag of the hubby, sends everyone on their way, cleans, washes, irons, cooks for dinner, washes the dishes, tucks everybody in bed then the cycle repeats again and again everyday.

Several studies in the past have shown that continuous stress can lead to bad health.

For the first time in humans, this latest data shows that chronically stressed women are more prone to being overweight, obese and diabetic.

A group of doctors at the University of California were influenced to embark on this study upon learning that laboratory mice that were exposed to multiple and repetitive stressful situations were noted to have increased fat deposition particularly in the abdominal area. These mice were later noted to develop elevated blood pressure, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

In the human research, two groups of women were allowed consume high-fat and high-sugar foods.

However, one group was asked to do 14 hours of taking-care of a family member whether a child, a spouse or a parent.

The other group was not required to do any care-giving activity.

After 5 years of monitoring the two groups, the “care-giving” or high-stressed group revealed larger waistline measurements and higher blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The group of researchers mentioned that doctors frequently focus on diet and exercise as the best way to stay healthy. What many forget to mention is that stress management should become an important part of preventing disease.

This information should be shared with everyone.

Not only to mothers but, more importantly, to husbands and children. In order to keep mothers healthy, everyone must share in the household chores. All of us must do our part.

Giving mom a day-off once in awhile can keep her strong and healthy.

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