Have You Ever Heard of Anal Bleaching?

Let’s talk about bleaching: Anal bleaching

Yup, you heard it right. Dark butts can turn snow-white too.



Anal bleaching is not something new. It has been done by actresses and porn stars, well, ever since there was porn.

For obvious reasons, the focus of these types of movies are always on the private parts. The artists thought of all sorts of methods to make that particular body part more appealing…and bleaching is one of them.

Aside from that shady side of show business, the whitening of the backside wasn’t too popular with the ladies. Most cases of anal bleaching were performed on gay men.

That is until 2011, when the movie Bridesmaids re-popularized anal bleaching in women. Since then, there has been a buzz in female circles about adding this to your beauty regimen.

Anal bleaching involves applying a whitening cream to the butt area. There are several types of whitening creams available in the market. Be sure to read the ingredients. Products containing mercury are no longer recommended because mercury has been linked to cancer and neurologic diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

Use whitening creams sparingly and for short periods of time. The bleaching agent Hydroquinone causes the opposite effect of what you desire if used for an extended period. Prolonged use of hydroquinone causes dark spots around the butthole.

The skin of the anus is very delicate and sensitive. Too much whitening creams can also cause chemical burns.

Beauty comes with a price. Make sure you know the risks and benefits before embarking on any body altering procedure.

Besides, who cares about your butt hole anyway. Just turn off the lights. It’s more romantic that way.

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