Male Hormones: Can it turn a SHE to a HE?

Ellen, Aiza and Charize… these are names of women who prefer to be called men.

The public has become used to the idea of gay men who look deceivingly like women. Some even look like models and beauty queens!

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of females who want to do the exact opposite.

These ex-women are no longer satisfied with cropping their hair, bulking up in the gym and dressing like a dude. They are bolder and fearless.

They have turned to drugs. Yes, drugs in the form of the male hormone, testosterone.

Testosterone or androgen is the hormone predominant in males. It is responsible for their manly features like increase body and facial hair, their large, muscular frame, increased sex drive and “aggressive” behavior. This is why testosterone is often called the “hormone of passion” or the “rage steroid”.

Women also produce small amounts of testosterone from their ovaries. The peak female production of this androgen is at age 20. It begins to decline thereafter. No wonder, women often complain of decreased libido as early as their 30’s. Once the ovaries have “dried up” during menopause or surgically removed, then the females lose all traces of testosterone.

Currently, loss of sexual interest is the only medical indication for giving testosterone to women. Even in these cases, the amount of the drug given is in very small doses. The dose is enough to boost libido, increase energy, maintain muscle mass, strengthen the bones and heighten the sensitivity of erogenous zones in the breast and vagina.

The dose recommended is not enough to make you look like your husband.

Unfortunately, science can be abused. Many women now use testosterone in high doses to obtain a manly look. They begin to grow a mustache. Their skin becomes coarse and oily, leading to acne formation. There is lowering of the voice. Body weight increases due to muscle and fat deposition.

Testosterone can have some risks to the body. Not all women can take it. Whether in low doses or higher doses, the following are contraindications to testosterone therapy:

  1. Breast cancer
  2. Cancer of the uterus
  3. High cholesterol levels
  4. Heart disease
  5. Lover disease

More recent studies, point to increase risk of blood clot formation leading to a stroke at high doses of testosterone.

Testosterone may be the answer for some people who feel that they really are men just trapped in a woman’s body. But tampering with nature always…always has a bad ending.

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