Is There Such a Thing as Menopause in Men?

Yes, Dads can have menopause too.

We all know that at a certain age, most, if not all women, will go through menopause. In females, menopause is the time when they start to lose the female hormone called estrogen.

What about in males? Don’t they ever experience a loss of male hormones or testosterone?

Evidence shows that the level of testosterone in men start to decline at the age of 40. At this time, they begin to notice subtle signs like mood changes, increased irritability, tiredness and…the horrors…facial wrinkling!

No wonder males are the new target of skin clinics.

Andropause or male menopause also affects sexual activity. The aging male has decreased frequency of morning erection, less sexual thoughts, low sex drive and difficulty maintaining an erection.

Here is where Viagra can come in handy!

Testosterone is responsible for the “manliness” of men. Declining blood levels can lead to decreased body mass, loss of muscle tone, lesser body hair and lower bone mineral density.

That’s why the gym and fitness centers are the new hang-out of businessmen and executives.

Other physical symptoms associated with low testosterone levels are inability to participate in vigorous activity, such as running or lifting weights, inability to walk for long distances, and inability to bend, kneel, or stoop.

Patience is the key to handling andropausing dads because they tend to become more depressed, with feelings of worthlessness, nervousness, anxiety and poor concentration.

Introducing them to Candy Crush may improve their brain function.

Although the female population may go through menopause by default, their male counterparts are less affected. Only 2-4% will experience male menopause.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, getting Dad a gift check for a facial or a day at the spa may chase the andropause blues away.

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