best pill for acne?

hi doc, i just want to ask what’s the best pill you can advice me to take up for my acne. actually this is the first timr to take a contraceptive pill since my bestfriend urging me to try althea. but after checking here in dubai, i cant find althea pill in any pharmacies i’ve asked to. i was thinking of diane 35 but i i dont want to get fat. i’ve heard yaz or yasmine have this component which actually treat acne but i have read a lot of horrible side effects on the net such as blood cloths, liver fatigue, etc. i’m kinda confused of these pills, and it would be a great help if you can help me choose one that you think would be a benefit for me.



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    If acne is your concern, choose a pill with Cyproterone acetate. There are several brands. Each woman has a different reaction to each brand. You just have to try it to see the effect on you. May ibang pumapayat sa Diane, may ibang tumataba.
    Yaz is drosperinone. It is not targeted for acne. it is for decreased bloating due to the diuretic effect of the drug.
    All pills are safe as long as you see your doctor yearly.
    Pills can kill you if you smoke and take the pill at the same time.

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